My Links.

Big Bad Bill.
One of the strangest pages around. I love it. William Borroughs, CTHULU, and yet more!

Interstella Burst.
A fantastic fan page made for Radiohead.

Grooviest Dressed Guys In Rock.
I love this page. It revolves around glam rock, past and present. Vive le glittery eyeliner!!

A Life Less Ordinary
OK, ya got me. It has Ewan and in it, not to mention a great soundtrack. Uncle, I scream!

Red Meat
Featuring Milkman Dan and my personal fave, Bug-Eyed Earl. If more comics were this brilliant, Garfield would be out of business.

The Naked Dancing Llama!
I cannot even begin to explain this page. It is what is says, it's great, you'll just have to check it out for youself.

Excellent Online.
A haven for the modern-day Anglophile, packed with information about tours and releases, plus an elite mailing list.

Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Cyberspace.
It's really not my page! It's a vicious clone!!

TransAction magazine.
A totally free magazine based out of New York featuring great coverage of equally great British bands.

NME magazine.
One of those UK music newspapers we all love to hate, unless you actually happen to live in the UK. Sorry about that, blokes.

The Onion.
Underground-ish newspaper thingie. Boy, that was a crap description if I ever gave one. The fact they put words like "masturbate" on the front page tells it all.

College Music Journal.
One of the only big-market music mags in all of America that showcases *gasp!* decent bands! Be still my beating heart.

An awesome all-around page of rock stars and related thingies, and they actually put up some of my work!!

Online mag 13 Music.
I'm proud to say I wrote an entire Brian Jonestown Massacre album review for this mag.

Entertain Me.
A naughty little site by the one and only Kate St.Claire!!!

Elitist Slampiece Hysteria.
Chrissy Comley's page. A fellow fan of great UK and UK-sounding (ie Dandy Warhols) music, plus she's the founding Plunger!!

A really great band despite the fact I don't have any of their albums yet. Brilliant nonetheless!

Kevin Chan's page.
Impeccable music taste, blue hair, nail polish, eyeliner... mmmmm... {happy little sounds}

Olivia's Page of Useless Junk.
It's not really!

Dennis Miller Live.
Quite possibly the last intelligent show on television. Mediocrity is happening -- hide the women and children.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Come on, it has Tim Curry in high heels and a teddy singing 'Sweet Transvestite'!!!!

Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
We all need a dose of stupid, stupid, stupid humour every once in awhile, don't we? I get mine from Crow and Tom Servo.

Monty Pythonline.
Official website for the greatest British comedy act in the history of the world, Monty Python.

The BBC's Radio 1.
They put Travis on the Evening Session Tour. I have to link this station.

One of Denver's best radio stations. Please, kill me.

Non Sequitur comic strip.
A comic strip (well, usually a comic panel) that actually makes you THINK - what a concept!!