Thought-provoking revelation of the hour:
Give me ambiguity, or give me nothing.

Howdy-ho, welcome to my new page, and you sure do smell like flowers!! Comfy? I'll get you a pillow. Swiss Miss? With or without the little marshmallows? You'll want to be handy with your history window and back button on this page, because I cannot be expected to make an easy navigation since I add new stuff a LOT and totally despise frames on home pages. It's pointless, so live with it.

Hey, I did MORE updates! Time for the ticker-tape parade. I made a handy Table Of Contents instead of you needing to search for them darn links or continue returning to this index page every time and going bloody INSANE.

Newly Added: A brand-kinky-spankin-new drawing of Antony Langdon!

This page is best viewed with:

A web browser.
Your eyes.
An fair understanding of British slang and spelling.
Several gin and tonics.

If you have anything to say (bombs, love letters, marriage proposals, etc), share the love. I'm a nice person.

I now have somewhat of a counter, which tells me this page has had visits.

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