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Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreams Research (Now at:

Greetings fellow sleep paralysis experiencers and/or lucid dreamers! (Now at:

We invite you to come along on a journey of discovery. We need your dream journal entries of when (time and date) and where (geographical location) these dreaming events (see below) took place. Your input will be combined with the experiences of other individuals in order to look for meaningful patterns of incidence of these dream events. In the past, our research efforts have looked into the relationship between changes in the ambient geomagnetic field and the incidence of the phenomena (Conesa, J., [1995] Perceptual and Motor Skills, 80, 1263-1273;and Conesa, J. [1997] Perceptual and Motor Skills, 85, 579-584).

Here is how it works. Every few months send us ( link below with ) a frequency count, or the number of episodes of sleep paralysis and/or lucid dreams (often, both occur during the same night), with information describing where (what city or town and country) and when (approximate time and exact date) you experienced them. Once a year, you can visit this home page for news of analyses conducted ( based on your log entries and others' ), interpretation and other information we may have at that time.

Our reserch adheres to American Psychological Association principles 9a-9j of ethical standards. For example, your name will not be used in any publication and participation is strictily voluntary. Thank you for your interest and happy dreams.

Jorge Conesa, Ph.D. Social Sciences Dept. Everett Comm. Coll., Everett, WA. 98201 (NEW E-MAIL:

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