Here are the songs Morrissey played us before finally entering the stage

I will add one song at a time in the order they were originally played and will leave the file online for about a week or so.
The third upload should have been the Halfnelson song which I was promised to be sent still has not after waiting some more I'll just continue with the next song which is Brigitte Bardot - Bubble gum. You can get it by rightclicking on the link below and then selecting 'save target as'.
I will put up the Halfnelson song as soon as I receive it and will post the link on Till then enjoy The Television Personalities.

Brigitte Bardot - "Bubble gum"

Brigitte Bardot's Bubble gum will be available till some time around Jan 7th After that I'll upload the next track which will be Pony Club - "The thing about men"

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intro tape track list:
  • The Apex Theory - Bravo
  • The Smoking Popes - Writing a letter
  • Halfnelson / Sparks - Arts & Craft spectacular
  • Television Personalities - Part time punks
  • Brigitte Bardot - Bubble gum
  • Pony Club - The thing about men
  • Bette Davis & Debbie Burton with Bobby Heller And His Orchestra - Whatever happened to baby Jane?
  • Nathan Abshire - Hey Mom
  • Leo Garcia - Morrissey
  • The Thrills - One horse town
  • Ludus - The Fool
  • Hank Snow - Old sheep
  • Nico - Innocent and vain

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