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Novice Resources

This section of the LD Directory is dedicated to novice debaters or those who wish to learn more about LD. Here is a selection of the best LD Novice sites on the web. They will provide you with a good understanding of LD from case structure to judging philosophy.

Site for those who have just started and need the basics:

Crash Course Guide to LD- Has everything a novice needs to know.

Complete Guide to LD- Lots of info ranging from LD history to strategy.

Northview LD Five Minute Guide to LD- Great site for those in a hurry.

More involved sites that include a variety of useful information:

Forensics Online LD Section- Explains LD, case structure, and flowing.

TogaLD's Novice Area- Contains a few basic LD skills articles.

Spirophita Debate- More articles and some condensed philosophies.

Sites that provide sample cases:

Mike's Abode- Many cases from several resolution.

Leslie's Debate Page- Numerous cases that serve as good examples.

Other sites that may provide some help:

Sirius Forensic's Stage to Writing the LD Case- Very complicated and hard to understand from a novice perspective.

Jen's LD Help Page- General help with basic ld skills and a few tips.

LHS Forensics LD Page- An LD Quiz and some other basic stuff.

Lincoln-Douglas Stuff- Some basic format material and a little more.

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