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Nov/Dec LD Debate Topic Review

Resolved: A victim's deliberate use of deadly force is a just response to repeated domestic violence.

Key words to define:

Defense: The act of defending against attack, danger, or injury

Repeated: Said, done, or occurring again and again.

Domestic ViolenceViolence toward or physical abuse of one's spouse or domestic partner.

Possible Pro Values:




Possible Pro Criterion:

Quality of Life


Self Defense

Possible Pos. Ideas: I would focus on the idea that people have the right to defend themselves. This idea of self defense is deeply rooted in American history. Look for good examples and quotes that drive home the concept of self defense. I would find it compelling to potray woman in hardships that no longer can take the abuse. You will have to be very careful with this topic, and don't let yourself get backed into a corner that you cannot escape.


Possible Neg Values:

Sanctity of Life


Possible Neg Criterion:



Possible Neg. Ideas:

I would focus on what is justifable? And does any abuse justify murder? I would also talk a lot about all of the resources that are out there for battered/abused women and how those should be used. It is an individuals choice to stay with someone, and that should be heavily addressed.