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Cell Phone Recycling



The importance of cell phone recycling is growing as our consumption and disposal of cell phones is increasing. Everyday thousands of consumers are running to the store to purchase new, trendy cell phones and throwing away there old ones. Let's face it - outdated technology is filling our landfields. Please bookmark this page for future referrence as it will be useful for when you replace your current cell phone. YES, you can even make money from your old cell phone. Many charities also except old cell phones. No longer should we throw cell phones away!

Companies that will pay for old cell phones

Charities that Accept Cell Phones

Special Olympics

Charitable Recycling Program

Wireless Recycling

Recycling as a funraiser

Recycle for Breast Cancer

Other Cell Phone Recycling Resources

Collection Locations by Zip Code

Collection Locations by Brand Name

PC World Article

How to guide

How to guide