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Gaius Anicius Cerealis

I have no genealogical information regarding this gentleman, however, he is the only Anicius I have seen using the name Cerealis.

This gentleman was known for his sycophantic behavior toward the Emperors. He was the adoptive father of Sextus Papinius, and as such he betrayed the Republican conspiracy of Sextus Papinius and Betillenus Bassus against the Emperor Gaius (c.40). For this treason, he was honored by the Emperor.

In AD 65 he was nominated as the consul-designate and was noted for suggesting that the Senate build a temple in honor of the Emperor Nero. However, for a reason I have yet to discover, Nero had him killed the next year. If he ever became consul, it was only very breifly.

Although this gentleman was hardly an ancestor worthy of emulation, the later Anicii did claim to be descended from him as a means of attesting to their antiquity.

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