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Lucius Anicius Gallus

So far, I have discovered a reasonable amount of information about this gentleman and his career, but nothing of a genealogical nature. It has been noted that this gentleman hailed from Praeneste and was the first of his family to acheive a praetorship, thereby ennobling his family in Rome.

In 168 BC he was elected praetor, which means that it is very likely that he held a number of lesser offices before this year, including quaestor and Plebian/Curile Aedile, but I have found no details in this regard. Anyway, as praetor, he served as legate under Paulus Aemilius in the Third Macedonian War. He distinguished himself by taking Scodra and capturing King Gentius, thereby subduing Illyria. He was honored for this feat by being allowed a triumph through Rome, where he was noted for causing a minor scandal by including boxers, dancers, and flute players in his triumph, something of a faux pas as most Romans considered such scenes to be a form of Greek decadence.

In 160 BC, he was elected to the highest office in Republican Rome, that of Consul. As of yet, I've learned nothing about his consulship, however his public career did not end there. In 154 BC he served as an envoy to Asia Minor where he was charged with bringing Prusia's war against Attalus to an end. Whether he was successful or not still eludes me.

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