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Buffy and Spike Together Forever

Yes this is a club, that is dedicated for Buffy and Spike shippers out there, who believe that they should be together. We are a very small, but growing ship on the net. There will be more as time goes on.

Our member list:

  • Grace Fonseca

    President of BASF- Buffy and Spike Forever Club

    Proud Member of Many different lists on the internet.

    College Student.

    I created the background you see on the back of this page.

    Positions that are available:

    Vice President


    Policeman of Flamers

    Weapons Manufacturer

    Security Officer


    Link maintainer


    Resident maintainer


    Flag Waver maintainer.

    Buffy/Spike link finder (person who finds all these cool sites)

    Eye candy spotter

    Anything else you can think of, tell me.

    There will be links. Only the cream of the crop are given out.

    Buffy and Spike's Photo Gallery
    Right now, the page is small, but I hope to gather more stuff as time goes on.