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WhatYou Can Do


Many of us believe thingsabout cocaine that aren't true. These myths blind us to how dangerous thedrug is. By unmasking the myths and learning the facts about cocaine, wecan keep ourselves and those we care about from unknowingly falling intothe trap of cocaine addiction.

It'san elite drug used only by high-class people
Cocaineand crack are used by people of all social and economic classes
Cocainehas no side effects
Itcan cause tremors and convulsions, infection, heart attack, stroke, psychosis,and death
Ittakes a long time to get hooked on cocaine
Cocaineaddiction can develop after only a few uses
Itraises level of performance
Chronicuse severely diminishes performance
Cocaineisn't addictive
It'shighly addictive. Many people require professional help to stop using
Cocaineis a safe drug
Cocaine,in all forms, is dangerous to both body and mind
Youcan get addicted only if you use a needle
Allforms are highly addictive. Smoking crack creates addiction as fast asinjecting

Cocaine, the "champagne"of drugs, has been popularly associated with life in the fast lane. Itis a drug of illusion that makes people feel powerful in ways they'd liketo be normally, but aren't. Cocaine is also dangerous and addictive. Itsquality is unpredictable, the cost of a cocaine habit turns many usersinto dealers, and all methods of using it can be lethal.

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