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Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy,...

When the new system of Technicolor was introduced in the 1930's it was a technological milestone in the development of the movies. The technology involved a new camera that used a prism to split light onto three strips of black and white film - one for each primary color. Today we think of color in movies as a realistic element, but in the period following it's advent it was associated with the fantastic. The Dark Side of Oz - the ultimate technicolor fantasy!

The Synchonicity Arkive is the premiere source for synch info. You'll find setup instructions and much more. Click here to go directly to the Wizard of Oz page at the Synchronicity Arkive.
The Dark Side of the Rainbow The Definitive List of over seventy synchs between the movie and the music. You'll find good instructions for the setup and lots of other tidbits.
The de Ville's Workshop Buy a readymade copy of the synch.
The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side Nice site with scary sound effects.
Dark Side of the Rainbow Setup and support.
Dr. Nucleus- Dark Side of the Moon & Wizard of Oz The Doc's a fun guy.
DSOM Doing some kind of research.
Tokyo Music An article about the synch, by Jim Merk.
Pink Floyd's Insightful Experience Revisited An article by Ben Blohowiak.
The Village Online: Synchronization An article by Ron Enderland.
The Wizard of Oz The official Warner Brothers site.

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