The Fangirl Quiz-What type of Fangirl are you?

Let's say one day you see your bishie,waiting for a bus. In your town. Your about 5 paces away from him.WHAT DO YOU DO?!
Cling onto his leg, and ask him to marry you. If he refuses, get out your gun.
..I guess carying a burlap sack around all day does come in handy.
I'll stare in awe.
Whutthefook is a bishie? Is it a fish?
Heh, wouldn't Dj Sammy's song "we're in heaven" be perfect for this situation? XP

Someone calls your bishie 'lame.' WHAT DO YOU DO?!
So this 'bishie' thing...when you poke it does it bleed?
scream,"YOUR JUST JELOUSE BECAUSE HE'S MAH BISHIE!!" then, you run away crying.
Well.. they can think whatever they want.
get out the gun again -sigh-

Describe your bishie in one word.
(in a steriotypical pirate voice) Yeharrrrg. What be this 'bishie' this filthy landlubber speaks of?
Umm.. O_O
None of these.

Let's say you see a picture of your bishie kissing someone. You..
burst into flames. HE'S MINE.
think:oh,how nice.
none of these
And all this time I thought Bishies were polar bears from space. *pouts*

Let's say you post at variouse message boards. What is the first thing you do after signing up for one?
kill off ANYONE who is a fangirl of my bishie. we all know that he's MINE.
make a bishie-banner for my signature.
prance over to the misc/offtopic section. *does a long yet low sinister laugh*
I'm too computer-illiterate to know what this question means.

Which of the following statements are TRUE and can make someone cringe in fright?
I luff my bishie. :D
I have played games such as 'Yoshie's Story' recently and enjoyed it.
I have a shrine to my bishie located in my closet.
None of these, thankfully.

So..uhh.. heard any good jokes lately?
A guy walks into a bar..
O_O;; What does that have to do with anything?!
I still don't know what a bishie is.

jee..running out of questions to ask..
*dreamy sigh* I love my bishie.
*roars like a dinosaur*
Well, at least this test will be over soon.
Running out of questions to ask is your problem. >=D

How many Bishies have you 'claimed'
one. he's mine.
*starts to count on fingers*
I'm going to go look up 'bishie' in a dictonary now..

True or false: Dib is sexy.

I got this quiz code from Serenia's Designs,yo!