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The Fourteen Days of Valentine's

Author: Raine
Title: The Fourteen Days of Valentine's
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Rating: R
Pairing: HP-SS
Summary: Severus initates an ancient courting ritual, on one very bewildered Harry.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to J.K. Rowling. There is no intent to harm, and no infringement intended.
Challenge: First Line/Valentine's Day Challenge. "Snape did what?"
NOTE: Part of "From Dusk til Dawn - the Harry Potter/Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest"
Homepage: Raine's Fan Fiction
Beta: Blood Phoenix

"Snape did what?"

Harry sighed, as Ron's voice got a bit higher. Hermione giggled, finding her boyfriend's squeaky voice to be cute.

"He gave me a rose, Ron. A perfect black rose, no thorns, and spelled to last for a long time."

"Why?" Ron's voice got even squeakier.

"I don't know why, Ron. He kept me after class. He said 'Here, I thought you might like this.' He handed it to me, and then told me to get my ungrateful arse out of his sight."

"This is too weird."

Harry silently agreed, remembering that today was Feburary First.


Feburary Second:

Harry sat in the Gryffindor Common room, blinking in shock. He had just gotten back from Quidditch pracice, and now was staring into the fire. Twice today. That made twice. Snape had given him two compliments. Compliments in a Snapish sort of way.

That's where Hermione and Ron found him later. Just sitting there, unblinking. Ron waived his hand in front of Harry's face to try to get his attention.


Silence, and Hermione frowned, worriedly.


More silence, and the crickets churped.

"You Know Who is standing behind you naked, and he's snogging Malfoy!"

Harry blinked slowly, "Oh, that's nice".

Hermione made a face. "Ron!"

"Sorry, Hermione. Harry, are you alright?"

Harry blinked once more, and glanced up to see his two friends standing there. "Oh, hello Hermione. Ron."

"We've been trying to get your attention for five minutes. Are you alright?"

"Ummm, yeah. I guess so."

Hermione sat down beside him, and looked at him closely. "What happened?"

"Snape. He gave me two Snapish compliments today. I think anyway."

Hermione raised an eyebrow, staring at him. While Ron looked faintly ill. Harry flushed faintly, turning his head back to the fire.

"The First one was after I went to turn in the extra assignment he gave me. He said something like, 'You managed not to poision anyone today, Potter, so you passed this practical'. Then the second was after Quidditch practice, when I was heading back towards the dorms. He told me that the Quidditch uniforms suited me except for the gaudy color, and that Slytherin colors would look better. Then he disappeared."

Harry chanced a peek at his friends, who were staring at him mouths open in horror. Sighing, he slumped into the seat, staring into the fire again.


Feburary Third:

In the Great Hall, breakfast had just been served. Served to everyone, except for Harry. He watched all of the plates fill up, except his own. Just about the time he reached for something, Snape stood up.

The whole of Hogwarts watched in horror, as Snape pointed his wand, and muttered a spell. Harry's plate suddenly filled with all of his favorite foods. All of it in perfect heart shapes. Then Snape turned, and stalked out of the room.

When the doors slammed shut, Harry laid his head on his arms. Then the rumors started to fly.


Feburary Fourth:

Harry awoke to strange mewling sounds. Confused, he reached over and picked up his glasses, before slipping them on. There at the foot of his bed, was a small basket. Inside the basket, were four adorable kittens.

Sitting forward enough to pick up the basket. They were cute. One was ginger in color, one was grey with blue eyes, one was a calico, and the last one was pure black. Harry noticed that underneath the black one, there was a note. Sliding it out from under the disgruntled kitten, he opened the note. It simply read: 'Try not to kill them, Potter. SS.'

Sifling a loud groan, he watched the kittens curl back up into sleep. Too bad he was wide awake.


Feburary Fifth:

At dinner on the fifth, he tried to ignore the needle like pricking of the kitten's claws. They wouldn't let him leave the common room without him. So they hung onto his robes, or sat in his bag on top of his books peeking out at everything. Strangely, none of the teachers seemed to mind them.

He noticed that Ron was trying to get his attention, and looked up slowly. He followed Ron's finger to see five House Elves staring at him. The great hall was silent, waiting to see what would be happening next.

Suddenly the House Elves began singing U2's the Sweetest Thing, with minor lyric alterations. Harry noted that Dobby was singing lead. The whole of the school gawked at the House Elves.

When the line that should have been 'Blue-eyed boy, and this Brown-eyed girl', came up, Harry and the rest of the school noticed the changes. It had become, 'Black-eyed man, and this Green-eyed boy'. He felt his face redden as he looked up at Snape's place at the head table.

Snape was staring at him. His normally cold black eyes were sparking with some emotion. His face was as impassive as ever, as he watched Harry closely. Snape was a very private man, for him to be doing all of this with such public meant the Professor had to be feeling something.


Feburary Sixth:

Harry awoke to being pounced by four kittens going after his hair. Carefully sitting up, he piled them onto his lap. He saw they now sported cute little collars with tags. It had their names on them, with Harry Potter written on the back. The black one had become Sev, and he seemed to like going up to the Potion Master during class. The ginger one was Ronnie, the calico was Mione, and the grey one had become Albie.

Noticing a fairly good sized box at the foot of his bed, he blinked. Dragging it close he opened it to find a ton of chocolate. Six different types of Honeyduke's best chocolates. Enough to feed the entire Gryffindor dorm for a week.

Leaning back, he knew he had to take stock of his feelings. Sort out what was in his mind. It would be unfair to put Snape through all of this, if he didn't feel anything for him. He knew that his Professor was hurting his reputation with all of this. Sighing, he scratched the kittens, while he tried to figure out his own mind.


Feburary Seventh:

Harry awoke in the infirmary. He remembered sitting in Potion's class. He remembered the door slamming open as Snape made his usual entrance. He remembered a sudden sharp pain in his stomach, hissing and spitting from his kittens, and then nothing.

Opening his eyes, he saw Albus and Professor Snape standing over his bed. Albus seemed less than happy, and Snape had a very deadly look about him. The kittens seemed to have taken up posts on the bed, watching over him. Looking up he tried to sit up, but his stomach started throbbing, and with a soft hiss, he layed back quickly.

"What happened, Sir?"

Albus spoke very quietly. "Mr. Malfoy had a parchment that was soaked in five different types of venom. He transfigured it into a snake, and sent it your way while you were distracted. It bit you on the stomach. Your Guardians..." Motioning to the Kittens on the bed. "Attacked it, and wouldn't let anyone but Professor Snape near you. I also believe Miss Granger, and Mr. Weasley petrified him, Mr. Crabbe, and Mr. Goyle."

"Are they in trouble, Sir?" Harry asked, looking worried.

"No, Harry. They did the right thing. We are trying to figure out why, Mr. Malfoy did that. We will let you know as soon as we can. I have to get back to Professor McGonagall, and continue the questioning. You rest, Harry."

With that Albus left the room, leaving Harry alone with Severus. Harry watched the older man for a few moments. He seemed very angry, and that was one scary sight.

"Professor Snape?"

It took a moment for the older man to respond, before he got a quiet, "Yes, Mr. Potter?".

"Sir. I'm sorry about what happened today."

"Harry, you didn't do anything wrong. It seems I chose the kittens well, and you named them very well. They seem to be as protective as their namesakes."

Harry flushed slightly, and shifted as the throbbing started in his stomach again. "I hate the infirmary, and I hate to complain, but my stomach is hurting again."

"I'm not suprised. We've given you the antidotes, but you are going to be weak and sore for awhile. You will be able to take another pain potion soon, and I'm afraid you're going to be here at least until tomorrow morning. You will be weak though, for the next few days."

Harry only nodded, and watched as his Professor moved to a table with a wrapped package on it. Severus picked it up, and carried it over. He hesitated for a second, before handing it to Harry.

"I need to get more of the pain killing potion for you. I shall return soon." Turning on his heel he walked quickly towards the doors.

"Professor?" Harry watched Snape hesitate slightly. "Thank you, and I wanted you to know something. I am trying to figure out what feelings I have for you. I don't want you to put yourself in the spotlight like this, for me just to shrug it off."

Snape gave a small nod, then strode out the doors. Harry opened the package in his hands to find seven thin volumes, bound in leather. They were about some of the rarer, and lesser known dark arts spells and their defenses. Harry hugged them to his chest, as he fell into deep thought.


Feburary Eighth:

Harry was released from the infirmary before lunch. He joined his friends, but could barely eat the soup in front of him. He managed through his afternoon classes, but by the end of the day he was exhausted and in pain. He had to be supported by Ron back to the Gryffindor towers, while Hermione carried his bag.

They sat in a corner of the common room. Harry curled up in a chair, as the kittens jumped from his bag to his lap, curling up on him. His friends watched him worriedly. Hermione was the first to break the silence.

"What did Malfoy hit you with?"

Harry looked up and sighed softly. "A parchment soaked in five types of venoms, that he transfigured into a snake."

Ron nodded. "We saw the snake, mate. They wouldn't let us visit you, last night."

"Sorry, Ron. I was out of it most of the night, between the pain and sleeping."

"It's alright, Harry. We were just worried. What types of venoms did he use?"

Harry looked over at Hermione and shrugged. "They didn't tell me, but being Malfoy...probably something nasty. They probably didn't want me to panic."

Hermione nodded, and then grinned. "Did Professor Snape miss a day, or did he give you another present?"

"He gave it to me in the infirmary. Seven books, on the rarer and lesser known dark arts spells, and their defenses. They are very nice." Wincing, he curled up a bit tighter.

Hermione and Ron blinked at what the gift was, and stared at him for a few moments. It took awhile to notice how severe their friend was hurting.

"Wasn't you given anything for the pain?"

"Yes, Hermione, but his stores were low. He thinks someone has been stealing them. He knew he had more. I have to wait until he gets the potion finished."

"Makes perfect sense. What are they going to do with Malfoy?"

"I don't know yet. They told me they'd tell me something, when they figured it out." Harry wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed, and sleep for a week. He also knew he couldn't until he got the pain potion.

The portrait opened revealing their snarky, confusing, and proud Potion Master. He had a medium sized bottle in one of his hands. Giving a quick glance around the common room, he moved over towards the trio.

"Mr. Potter. I have the pain potion for you to take. Take a small swallow, anytime the pain gets bad. If it does not start clearing up in a couple of days, you will have to go back to the infirmary and get it checked out."

Harry took the bottle from Severus, and noted a small pouch pressed into his hand at the same time. Giving him a curious glance, he also nodded. "Yes, Professor Snape. Thank you for making more of the pain potion for me."

"We couldn't let the Golden Boy of Gryffindor pass out every ten minutes, now could we?", came the snarky reply.

Hermione and Ron both noticed that despite his tones, his eyes were softer, concerned. Before any of them could reply, he swept out of the room. The portrait closed with a soft thump behind him.

"Bloody Hell, the greasy git really cares about Harry."

"It seems he does", came Hermione's reply.

Harry opened the bottle, and took a small swallow. Corking it again, he glanced down at the small pouch. Opening it, he saw eight tiny bottles, of glittering potions. Reading the labels, he gave a tired smile. Ron and Hermione gave him a questioning look.

"Rare potion. He discussed it last week, when we were talking about different types of energizing potions. This one is the one you take two drops of, and it has less side effects than most. No wonder it took him so long to make a simple pain potion. I don't think Ron will have to carry me tomorrow."

Ron and Hermione sat there quietly. Both looked stunned, or shell shocked. It was really hard to tell which. Harry set the kittens one by one back into the top of his bag. Picking it up, he wobbled his way back into their dorm.


Feburary Ninth:

Snape kept Harry after class that day. Harry approached his desk, also needing to collect the fourth kitten. He hadn't needed the pain potion so much today, but he was starting to need it now.

"Sir? Was there something you needed?" Slipping the bottle from his pockets. Uncorking it, he took a small sip. Recorking it, He slid it back into his pocket. Glancing up he saw Snape staring at him. He flushed, and ducked his head again. "I haven't needed it too much today. It just started hurting."

"Glad to hear that it seems to be getting better."

"Sir, you made the antidotes. There is no reason why I wouldn't be getting better."

Severus stared at Harry for a few moments, and let his lips quirk up in a small smile. "Thank you, Harry. I have something else for you. Your mother gave it to me years ago, before things went bad. I think she'd like me to pass it back to you."

Snape handed him a small velvet box. Harry's eyes were wide when he opened it. Peeking inside, he saw a chain with a small snake charm on it. Bowing his head, he didn't notice when Snape removed it from the box.

Harry jumped when he felt fingers brush the back of his neck. Looking down he saw the charm hanging around his neck. He also felt Snape's hands on his shoulders. Gasping at a puff of warm air against the back of his neck, he shivered when he felt the soft press of lips.

"It was made for you, Harry. Go and rest now, before dinner."

Sev the kitten was placed in his arms. Eyes prickling with tears. Reaching up he gave Severus a quick kiss on the cheek, and then turned and ran for the door. Sev cradled against his chest, purring.

Ron and Hermione were waiting for him, as he exited the classroom. They saw his tear bright eyes, and the charm around his neck. Hermione placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. "Harry? He gave you that charm?"

"Yeah, my mum gave it to him, a long time ago."

With that he left, to go rest in his dorm. Ron and Hermione looked between his retreating back, and the potions class door with a look of amazement. While Severus sat inside, lightly touching his cheek.


Feburary Tenth:

Harry came to the dorms after class. He was tired and needed to rest. Even with the potion Snape gave him, he tired fairly easily. He had said it would be a few days before he felt normal.

Kicking off his shoes, he let the kittens out of the top of his bag. They wanted to play, so he let them have free run of the floor. Taking off his robe and tie, he set them over a chair, and sat down on the edge of his bed.

Turning his head to look towards the kittens, he noticed yet another box at the foot of his bed. He was no longer freaked out at the thought that Snape was sending him stuff daily. Actually, he found it made their stern Professor rather human.

Pulling the box to him, he opened it carefully. Pulling aside the tissue that lined the box, he raised a brow, then blushed bright red. Pants, Snape had given him the Wizarding version of boxers.

Still flame red, he began pulling them out one by one. They were all of a very soft material. Each one he pulled out was a different color; black, blue, red, purple, gold, a silvery grey, green, and at the bottom, there were three wrapped in different colored tissue.

The first one he pulled out, and opened made him laugh. They were smily faces on a black background. The thing was, each one made a different face at the same time. The next he pulled out was a pair of leather ones, that laced up the front. Leather pants? Harry started blushing again. The last one was also black, but it had a very realisitc golden snitch on the front. Reaching out a hand to touch it, the snitch started vibrating as if it was really flying. Realizing where the snitch would be vibrating at, if he wore them, he turned a shade past the Weasley red, and buried his face in his pillow.

This was war. He had already ordered one thing via owl post, for Snape. Grinning wickedly, he sat up. He had another idea. He just hoped it would be ready by Valentine's Day. Perhaps if he put a rush on it? Gathering up his boxers, he put them in is trunk. Grabbing a pen and parchment, he set out to set his idea in motion.


Feburary Eleventh:

It was after dinner when Harry got his next package. Snape slid the long flat box into his hands, just as he was leaving the Great Hall. He also heard Snape whisper into his ear quickly. "I bet this one makes you blush even more than the last."

Which left Harry confused as to how Snape knew he blushed. Shrugging he headed back up to the dorms. Instead of staying in the Common Room, he went on up to his bed instead.

Hermione had read that what Snape was doing, was an old Wizarding custom, for when one was offering to court another. They spent fourteen days sending their offerings, and trying to get to know the person better. On the fourteenth day, the subject had to either accept or decline. Harry felt that he might accept.

Opening the box he had been given, he peered down inside. On top there was a note, underneath was more chocolate. What? Was Snape trying to fatten him up or something? Was he that thin?

Glancing down at the note, he tried to figure out what it meant. 'These are very special chocolates, that you might not want to share with your friends. They have a special ingredient, and one could say I'm sharing a bit of myself with you. By the way, I made them. SS'

If he made them, then yes he was sharing a bit of himself. Somehow, Harry, got the feeling that wasn't quite what he meant. Looking closer they were all molded into little shells. Picking one up, he bit into it.

It was dark chocolate, and the filling was unsual. Familiar somehow, but unusal. Slightly salty, a little bitter, with an earthy undertone. Wait! Harry sat bolt upright as he pondered this. Taking another, he broke it apart, and tried just the filling.

Harry went into full blown blush mode. He turned a violent shade of red, and his face felt like a furnace. Snape...the filling was Snape...Snape's...Harry couldn't even complete that thought. He only knew because he tasted himself once.

Turning when Ron and Hermoine entered, he tried to calm his blush. Looking at their friend they tried to see what got him blushing this time. Seeing only the chocolates, they looked puzzled.

"Harry? Why are you blushing over chocolates? Didn't he already send you a bunch?"

Harry glanced at Hermione, and blushed even more. "Those are...special. He made them." Seeing Ron grab one, he tried to grab his friend's hand.

"Ron! No!"

It was to late. Ron popped it into his mouth before Harry could stop him. Ron bit into it, and then made a slight face. Hermione picked up the note and read it, after seeing Harry's reaction.

"You need to tell him to work on the filling, Mate. It needs some sugar or something in it."

Harry went redder and redder. He looked as if he was about to explode. "I think thats how he meant it to be, Ron."

Hermione looked at the note, then at Harry, then to Ron. She kept this up for a minute, before the meaning of the note sank in. Her eyes widening, she burst into laughter.

"Oh, Harry, he didn't!"

Seeing that Hermione had caught on, he just barely nodded. "He did."

She doubled over holding her sides, laughing hard. Ron looked confused, trying to get the taste out of his mouth. Harry just put the lid on the chocolates, while Ron poked Hermione on the arm.

"What? What is it? Harry? Hermione? Did I just get poisoned or something?"

Hermione took a deep breath, and then stood up and whispered in Ron's ear. Ron looked at her, then looked at Harry. Harry was still blushing, and she could barely control her giggles. When it fully clicked in his head, he turned and ran for the bathroom.

"That is gross! Disgusting! I'm going to be sick!"

The bathroom door slammed shut, as Hermione fell to the floor in laughter again. Harry hid the chocolates in his trunk, and slipped out of the dorm room. Those two needed to calm down, and him being there wouldn't help. He was never going to live this down. He just hoped what he had in store for their evil, sadistic, twisted, and perverted Potions Master would even the odds.


February Twelveth:

Harry awoke feeling more rested than he had as of late. He had stayed out past curfew just to make sure Ron was asleep before heading back into their dorm. He had been sitting on a window ledge, in a little used corridor, when Snape found him.

At first he started to yell and take points. Until he noticed the blush creeping up over Harry's face. The Professor then moved to stand behind Harry. He had his chest pressed lightly against Harry's back.

He asked Harry if he liked the little gift, and raised a brow when all he got was a choked noise. At first he thought Harry had started crying. Then the realization came that Harry was laughing.

Severus was very upset at first, thinking he was being laughed at. Seeing how upset Snape was, Harry calmed quickly. Placing a hand on the man's arm, he quickly explained about the chocolates, Ron, and Hermione. In the end, they were both laughing hard.

Smiling to himself, he stretched. Feeling something long and warm up against him, he turned. He suddenly realized his other reason for being so well rested. He got his present early.

Harry turned in his bed, and looked at his Professor who was sound asleep. His arm was around Harry, and he had four kittens curled up on him asleep. Snape had stayed the night. He had wanted Harry to wake up next to him.

Reaching out a hand, he lightly touched Severus' cheek. The man looked less stressed when he was asleep, though not by much.

Sev's eyes fluttered open at Harry's soft touch. "Good Morning, Harry."

Before Harry could respond in kind, he felt soft lips on his. Harry groaned softly, and pressed closer. Severus deepened the kiss just slightly. Not enough for tongues to get involved, but just enough lips to caress lips. Pulling back, he gave Harry a smile.

Harry ducked his head, before murmuring his own good morning. Severus barely got out of the dorm, before Ron woke up. Harry floated on a cloud the rest of the day.


February Thirteenth:

Harry spent the day wondering what Snape would be doing. Not just for the gifts, but because he was getting to know the man bit by bit. He knew from what Hermione told him, that this was an ancient custom. Tomorrow he had to decide if Snape could court him, or not. He was nervous.

He was called up to Dumbledore's office, after his last class. He went to the gryffin that guarded his office, and gave the password he was given. Harry swallowed nervously as he approached the inner door. Just as he raised a hand to knock, the door swung open.

"Come in Harry. Have a seat? Tea?"

Harry was blinded for a moment, by sparkling blue eyes, silver hair, and a gastly robe done in Purple with siver and pink butterflies. Shaking his head, he came in shutting the door behind him.

"Sir? You wanted to see me? Yes, tea would be nice."

"I did, Harry. I wanted to see if you had any questions about the courting ritual."

"Sir, I'm not sure what is appropriate, and what isn't about all of this. I wanted to get him something. Is that allowed?"

"Of course you can Harry. Did you have something in mind?"

"A couple of things. I've ordered them through owl post. One I think he will like very much, the other I am not sure on."

"How do you feel about all of this?"

"At first I was shocked, thought it might be a prank of some sort. Then I noticed how much he was putting on the line. That he was getting laughed at. I then sat down, and tried to figure out my own feelings. I am taking him seriously."

"Tomorrow night you will have a private dinner, with Professor Snape. You do know tomorrow is the day you will give him your answer on him being allowed to court you?"

"Yes. Hermione looked it up, and told me about it. I say yes or no tomorrow, after the final gift. I think I might agree to it. I want to know more about him."

"I'm glad to hear that Harry. What was your favorite gift so far?"

Harry developed a far away look, and smiled. "When I woke up next..." Realizing what he was about to say, he stopped and blushed.

"When you woke up next to him?" The Headmaster's eyes were twinkling.

"Yes Sir." Harry's flushed a deeper shade of red. He'd been doing that far to much lately.

Albus smiled knowingly, and nodded. "Good, good. There was something else I needed to speak with you about. The actions of a Mr. Malfoy."

Harry paled at that, but nodded swallowing. He'd been wondering why Malfoy had done that. With the potions he'd been given, he was about fully healed. Only a few lingering aches remained.

"Draco was jealous. He thought Professor Snape might have been under a spell. He somehow slipped a potion that could remove such spells into Severus' tea. When that did not help, he decided to attack you."

"How did he get the poisons, and what were they?"

"We think he got them from someone in Knockturn Alley. As to what they were, I don't think we should worry about that right now."

"Yes, sir."

"Tomorrow night, you will be escorted at 6 pm, to Professor Snape's quarters for dinner. Speaking of Dinner, I believe it is almost time. Hurry on down, Harry."

With that Harry found himself down in the Great Hall, in only a few moments. He wondered why he wasn't told the poisons, but then Dumbledore always kept things to himself. Seating himsef at the table, he noticed he was early. He also noticed Snape was early as well. In front of his plate was a small box.

Harry nodded his head, towards his Professor, and smiled nervously. Severus inclined his head gracefully towards Harry. Harry picked up the small box and took off the ribbon. Opening it, he saw inside was a small ball. A golden snitch, with the letters HP engraved on it.

Harry carefully lifted it from the box. Looking towards Snape's seat, he blinked when he found it empty. Feeling a whisper of breath from behind his ear, he turned to see Severus right behind him. Ducking his head, Harry smiled.

"Thank you, Sir."

"Well, I thought you might want to be able to practice."

Nodding, Harry leaned forward. Quickly he placed a chaste kiss on Severus' lips. Blushing, Harry quickly pulled back, and looked down at his feet. Snape looked at Harry, stunned. Tilting Harry's head up, he gave him a gentle kiss in return Neither man noticed the brightly garbed Headmaster watching them from the doorway.


February Fourteenth:

Harry rubbed his hands against his trousers, and knocked on Severus' door. It was time for their dinner. The day had passed very slowly, and his nervousness had been at high levels all day.

He was wearing a black knitted pullover, and a pair of grey trousers. He couldn't remember who donated the pullover for tonight, but he supposed it would get back to its owner. He hoped so anyway.

The door swung open silently, as Severus answered it. He was dressed in a black silk shirt, black trousers, and his hair was down as usual. He also was amused to note how nervous Harry was. He didn't even see the door open. Chuckling softly, he saw Harry start to lift his hand again to knock.

"Harry, you look very nice this evening."

Harry jumped, looking around wide eyed. It took him a moment to notice that Severus was standing there, looking very amused. Blushing he dropped his gaze slightly, but not before taking a quick look at what Sev was wearing.

"So do you. Good evening." He hoped his voice wasn't coming out too squeaky.

"Come in Harry." Stepping back he made room for Harry to enter.

Harry stepped in, and tried to quell his nervousness. Glancing around the room, he noted it was warm and comfortable. Bookshelves upon bookshelves, laden with books. Comfortable chairs by the fire, perfect for relaxing. A small table covered with dishes. A desk in the corner, that Harry doubted was usually half as clean as it was now.

"This is very cozy. I imagine it is very easy to relax here."

"Thank you, it is." Severus stepped up behind Harry, and set a hand on his shoulder. "Are you hungry?" Sev let his hand lightly slide over Harry's shoulder, and down his back.

Harry shivered at the soft touch, trying to lightly lean back against it. "A little. I've been really nervous all day, and haven't ate much."

Severus kept his hand on the small of Harry's back, and bent foward to bury his nose in soft hair. "Perhaps you should try to eat a little. I have a wonderful dinner waiting for us."

As good as eating sounded, Harry didn't want to move. He liked being this close to Severus. He didn't want Sev to move his hand, or where his head was resting against Harry's. Nodding a tiny bit, he started to take a step towards the table.

Severus pulled him back into his arms, and nuzzled just behind his ear. Placing a soft kiss on Harry's cheek, he took his hand, and led him to the table. Helping Harry into his chair, he went around the table to sit in his.

There was roasted chicken, dilled new potatoes, gingered carrots, green beans, and gravy. For dessert there was treacle tart, and a lovely chocolate mousse. Severus served Harry, before serving himself. He watched as Harry blushed and lowered his gaze.

"This looks good. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Severus smiled and turned his attention to his plate.

Dinner was delicious. Harry ate slowly, watching Sev. Severus ate slowly watching Harry. They didn't talk much, too busy looking at each other. Sev did allow Harry a glass of wine though.

Once the were finished eating, Severus stood, and took Harry's hand. Leading him over by the fire, he had him sit in one of the chairs. Hiding his own nervousness, he sat across from Harry.

"Harry, in a moment, I will give you the last gift. Then you will decide if I may court you or not. This gift, I've thought long and hard about giving it to you. It was given to me, two days before your parents were murdered. I think your mom knew, and had it sent to me."

"I know about the courting ritual, and I already have my answer. This gift sounds very personal Sev. Are you sure?"

"Yes I am, Harry." Severus stood and moved to a shelf. He pulled off a bowl and carried it back to Harry. Setting it on his lap, Sev took his seat again.

"A pensive?"

"Yes. It was your mother's Harry. I worried over giving it to you, because some things about your dad when he was younger, was not so nice. I don't know why she sent it to me, but she did. Now I'm giving it to you. I think she wanted that."

"Oh, I know my father was a jerk. I'm hoping he got better as he got older. Thank you Sev. I have one question to ask, before I give you my answer." Harry carefully set it aside, not wanting to get pulled in quite yet.

"What is it?"

"When do I give you my presents?"

Severus blinked, then chuckled. "Whenever you are ready, Harry."

"Ok. First, my answer is yes. I want you to court me. I want to get to know you better." Harry stood and pulled two small packages out of his pocket, and resized them with a tap of his wand. Handing them to Severus, he sat back in his chair.

Severus relaxed, and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Not sure what to say for once, he took the packages. Opening the top one first, he found an old potion book. A very old potion book. It had potions from Great Witches and Wizards, who lived thousands of years ago.

"Harry? Where did you get this?"

"At that little second hand shop in Hogsmeade. The guy said it wasn't worth much, and was about to throw it out. I looked inside, and decided he was an idiot."

"Good call. He was definitely an idiot. This book is probably worth more than his entire store worth."

"I thought so."

Severus carefully set the book on his lap, and then started opening the second one. He noticed Harry squirming in his seat, bright red. Opening the box, he raised a brow. Inside was a "heat-seeking" Snake. It was metal, beautifully crafted, and silky smooth to the touch. It was made to self lube, and burrow into tight areas. It was also charmed to find pleasure points, to twist, and blow the users mind. Made just for men.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Sev."

"Thank you, Harry. I am hoping to get to use this on you someday."

He noticed that Harry was bright red now, and smiled. Closing the lid on the snake, he set both down carefully. "Come here, Harry."

Harry stood up, and came over to Severus, who pulled him down on his lap. Wrapping his arms around the slight body, he nuzzled a soft cheek. "I was worried, nervous. I was afraid you would say no. I'm glad you said yes."

Severus brushed his lips against Harry's soft ones. Only once wasn't enough. Tliting his chin up a bit more, Sev kissed him harder. Harry opened to him immediately. Soon it was heated, with a tangling of tongues, and mingling of soft breaths.

Severus broke the kiss, finding a delictable ear to nibble on. He could see that Harry was aroused, and he couldn't resist the temptation. "Harry."

"Hmm?" He was off in his own little world.

"I want to touch you. I don't think we are ready to completely make love just yet, but I need to touch you." Very lightly he brushed a finger along the length of Harry's cock.

Gasping softly he arched up into the barely there touch. "Merlin. Please, Sev."

It wasn't long before the pullover was stripped from Harry's body, to be abandoned on the floor. Trousers were opened, and pulled down around slightly knobby knees, along with the smily faced pants he had got for Harry. Sev shifted Harry, until his back was against one arm, legs draped over his, and his cheek was resting on a shoulder.

One hand holding the lithe body securely, his mouth mapped every inch of Harry's neck and chest. His other hand traced over a soft stomach and hips. Only when Harry squirmed uttering soft pleas, did Severus wrap his hand around the deep red cock.

Harry's back arched. His moans and cries were fueling him on, as nothing else could. He stroked Harry's cock firmly, thumb brushing over the weeping tip.

His mouth licked, and nibbled as much as they could from the body before them. Harry squirmed, his hip rubbing over his own swollen erection. It wouldn't take either of them long..

Harry's soft mouth found his neck, and feasted on it. His writing quickly becoming far to much. It wasn't long before A soft cry was uttered. Harry twisted in his arms, pressing hard against his own needy cock.

Both bodies froze, as they came at the same time. Pearly drops decorated the inside of trousers, hand, and stomach. Trembles and shudders raced through them both. Wrapping around each other, they both held on through the violent aftermath.

Sometime later, Sev stirred slowly. He pressed his lips gently to Harry's neck, not wanting to wake the sleeping man. He whispered softly into the soft neck, before letting sleep take him again.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Harry."

The End.