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Project Home 2011 began as a science program for science oriented youth with an above average aptitude in June, 1979. In 1984, Project Home 2011 gained the attention of investors when the students engineered workable machinery for accelerating solid matter in a vacuum chamber that could test theories in physics. Funded through the Australian organization Envirotech E.A. LTD, Project Home 2011 became a full fledged scientific research project. Project Home 2011 was successful January 1, 2011 with the one-time demonstration of the machinery achieving the goal intended. During the 32-year research project, innovative technology using quantum energy in the area of computer technology and electrostatic maglev devices were also developed.

JANUARY 1, 2011

Project Home 2011 was an investor funded private organization based in Australia through Envirotech E.A. LTD administrated by Jackie James, with a laboratory facility located off of Elm Street in Enfield, Connecticut for the development of new technology in the area of quantum energy research.
The research ends on January 1, 2011 with a successful test of matter acceleration using the mathematics derived within Project Home 2011.
The research from Project Home 2011 yielded new innovations with computer technology and electrostatic energy converting devices.

This website compiles the facts about Project Home 2011 and the work performed. This site is not for the purpose of marketing the technology developed in Project Home 2011 or to solicit funds.

All rights reserved for this content and intellectual property rights for the technology herein.

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