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7 Lords:
Starting info
Thursdays, 8pm CST, channel #7Lords
Starting date, May 1st - May 8th.

o Elonith Newton, played by Zegon.
o Carter Delger, played by Segev Stormlord.
o Tzezhin M'haron, played by Sharyna.
o Kaeolla Rae D'Faenique, played by Elfy.
o Trast Wheelmaker, played by Lafing Cat.

( Don't make me name these all myself! Wha! ;_; )
o Anteia's intro: Who said anything about sanity?
o Elonith's intro: Live to tell.
o Tobias' intro: 157 occurences of '!'
o Carter's intro: Carter: Unplugged
o Tzezhin's intro: Fun and Games in Mage Acres
o Monica's intro: Lip Service
o Kaeolla Rae's intro: Space dragons don't make good pets

o Session #1: "...herding cats is easier." Strange bedfellows Wireless communication
* Mini!: Boys Will Be Boys
o Session #2: Tzezhin missed the party First come, first serve. Wireless communication, continued!
o Session #3: Things that go 'bump' in the sky SHINY! Courtesy call
* Mini!: Do you see what I see?
o Session #4: Birds eye view Invisible wires
* Mini!: The many flavors of Saolin More talking behind the GM's back!
o Session #5: Terran the party apart Terran2terran
o Session #6: Tzezhin has his own party Of beer and bugs Mock telepathy PCs almighty
* Mini!: Tze's a soul-out?
o Session #7: *CRASH!* Normal channels
o Session #8: Rae of sunshine Big fish! Internet gab
* Mini!: Pah-tay
o Session #9: Over the hills and through the woods o/~ Fiddle this
o Session #10 Got Wak? Comparing and Con-Trasting GE-CTgh
** Omake! Trippin' the Multiverse
o Session #11 Old Aquaintances, New Encounters, Same old Axe Damsels in Distress?
o Session #12 Tabletalking
o Session #13 We feel like Chikin tonight Chase?
o Session #14 plotless Imagine this short bit having a kick-ass title.
o Session #15! Spacekids tell all! The Wonderful Orb of Oz Mandate of Heaven Yet Another Carter-Elo Log
o Session #16! Leading Da Party to True Nuetral Wireless Communication 3
o Session #17! Three Lords and an Elo
* Mini! Carters mini needs a title!
* Mini! Tze's mini
o Session #18! MINX! I'm going to KILL you!
* Mini! Sister talk
* Mini! "What does this do?"
o Session #19! 'Justice' Interupted Someone set us up the BOOM Elo and Christy talk a bit.
o Session #20! Da Meeting.
o Session #21! Talk and Noogies Flirting in the hallway
* Mini! One Girl's Insanity is another Girl's Kiss?
o Session #22! Keep your stinkin' grenades Splitting up is Bad
* Mini! Learning to play poker from the Mad Hatter
o Session #23! In which plot goes 'Hi!'

Themes, a long time in coming:

Opening-- Genesis, Land of Confusion

PC themes;
Carter-- Enigma, Gravity of Love
Elonith-- Aerosmith, Dream On
Tzezhin-- Aladdin, Arabian Nights

NPC Themes;(more coming as I think of them)
Alex-- AC/DC, TNT
Annie-- Triple J, Wonderful World
Naoki-- smile.dk, Butterfly

Cephiro-- Nightwish, Angels fall first
Anya-- Ace of Base, Beautifal Life
Clay-- Nightwish, End of All Hope
Serena-- Queen, She's a Killer
RB3-- Reel Big Fish, Somebody Hates Me

Art and bonus stuff and stuff!: (and stuff)
Tzezhin came from here!
* History of
* Physical map
* Political map
Carter came from here!
* History of
Kaeolla Rae looks like this!
* First draft by Elfy
Too creepily similar to go unnoticed
Neanderthal Technology