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Calderis Drakuno

©2004 commissioned art by Suechan

(Interested in knowing his stats? Then click HERE)

Albino Drow male and elder son of Matron Narissa Drakuno and fathered by the clan weapon master. 5'6" 145lbs. athleticly built same delicate build as all elves. He has a milk white complexion with the normal silvery hued hair native to drow, his hair is fasioned in braids that trail to the mid of his back. His eyes are almond shaped with crimson red pupils. His facial features are extremly beautiful infact they are almost femine like which makes his role in society a little easier at times.He dones a drow crafted chain shirt as armor in conjunction with the infamous piwafwi and in his other usual drow crafted gear like drow boots and and other wares common to drow males. He carries two enchanted rappiers as his weapons of choice along with his trusty repeating hand crossbow used for ranged fighting. his clothing is silk in make and all black.
Witty and practical,yet cunning and vicious. he knows when to keep his mouth shut and when precisely to speak out. he knows how to use his charm and guile to benefit him when necessary, of course it doesnt hurt that he is so damn handsome. he posses a wisdom beyond his years which gives him a confidence unshakable by near disaster. he is on the other hand quick to anger but if his twin swords dont answer for him there is probably a fate much worse for the offender.

Distant from his family since birth he was an outcast. His discoloration was labled a curse and his father was murdered then and there. First son of a set of twins born to the Drakuno clan's mistress he was not expendable at the time. Despite his weakness his talents grew each day along with that of his brother. They were as close as any two drow siblings dared to be but were soon seperated when Siltoroz was shipped of t the accademy. Using his own funds and resources he continued to build his talents, angering his stepsisters with each amount of progress he made.
Kaxanna the youngest of his sisters and his part time lover was his next closest to kin as far as anyone was concerned, she gave her life tryin to save him form being sold into servitude of a higher ranked house and did not do so in vain. He managed to escape with the help of an unknown male but now is in exile from both house and state with no where to go.

For now he is going to continue to build his skills in hopes to one day get revenge on his part and for the sake of his beloved.