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Race Report

Rounds 1 and 2; Donnington Park National



 Round 1


It would be a race with tussles and bashes, spins and smashes. Surprise and sheer action. A quick start by Neal saw him into the lead at the second corner. Going down into the Old Hairpin Aaron Slight hit Cleland who hit Biela. They were both out, Slight carrying on, with quite a big gap between him and Neal. Rickard Rydell, Aaron Slight and Will Hoy were changing position so much it was hard to tell who was where at one time! The Ferraris showed well, with Derrick Warwick finishing in the top ten. The real action was to come in the next race though.

  Cleland and Biela Take to The Gravel

Neal Takes The Chequered Flag

  Round 2

A quick start by Radisich this time saw him lead the race from the lights, and win at the flag. Coming into the Craner Curves for the first time, Kelvin Burt pushed Matt Neal into Jason Plato. They both span. Plato came shooting back onto the track and took out Slight with a whack, but Neal managed to regain control. He would get spun out at the exit of Coppice that lap. Rydell and Biela fought to the line, and a strong showing from Derrick Warwick got him fifth. Mansell also showed well. Thompson and Watts though took each other out, and with Muller finishing out of the points, the "Best from each" rule for the Porsche Teams meant that only four points counted in the Manufacturers championship.

The Field Approach The Craner Curves

Mansell's Union Jack Liveried Car 

Race Positions

Round 1
1: Matt Neal, 25

2: Rickard Rydell, 66

3: Aaron Slight, 111

4: Will Hoy, 88

5: Jo Wincklehock, 26 

6: Paul Radisich, 98

7: Yvan Muller, 44

8: Derrick Warwick, 28

9: Tim Harvey, 55

10: Alain Menu, 21

Round 2
1: Paul Radisich, 98

2: Rickard Rydell, 66

3: Will Hoy, 88

4: Frank Biela, 77

5: Derrick Warwick, 28

6: Tim Harvey, 55

7: Steve Soper, 59

8: John Cleland, 95

9: Nigel Mansell, 5

10: Alain Menu, 21