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Race Report #1

Pre Season Race at Donnington


Will Hoy and Aaron Slight have a misunderstanding at the Old Hairpin on Lap 3

The First race of the Pre Season Races saw a lot of action, most notably the roll suffered by Will Hoy after Aaron Slight ran out of space. Aaron slight suddenly had Will Hoy come across him, and the push went from the Craner Curves into the Old Hairpin. There was a lot of jostling for position at the front with quite a few spins and shoves. The real contenders were also made clear; most notably the Audis and the Chryslers. The Fords looked strong, but the Porsches didn't, maybe that can change at Brands Hatch, the final pre season race. It'll be interesting what incidents happen there; as there could of been an awful lot more if the field wasn't close enough to stop people spinning.

Aaron Slight leads into the first corner as Jason Plato slides round Redgate

Race Positions:

1: Alain Menu, 21, Chrysler

2: Paul Radisich, 98, Ford

3: Tim Harvey, 55, Jaguar

4: Jo Wincklehock, 26, BMW

5: Frank Biela, 77, Audi

6: James Thompson, 44, Porsche

7: Patrick Watts, 30, Ferrari

8: Nigel Mansell, 5, BMW

9: Rickard Rydell, 66, Jaguar

10: John Cleland, 95, Porsche