*70s invasion ; SADISTIC MIKA BAND *

SADISTIC MIKA BAND, this legendary band from Japan


this band were a GREAT japanese rock band of the 70s, playing all styles from glam, to pop, to prog and beyond, they toured with ROXY MUSIC in ' 74, and have had lots of success outside their native homeland of japan , the band were comprised of KAZUHIKO KATOH, MIKA KATOH, MASAYOSHI TAKANAKA, HIROSHI IMAI, REI OHARA, YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI, and KIKA, RYOJI HACHIYA, and CHRIS THOMAS produced the first few lps, the band released several lps in the 70s, and gathered a cult following.......

'CYCLING BOOGIE' '73, was their 1st single, GREAT song, campy atmospheric glam rock, sung in japanese and english.......Mika yells 'LETS GATANOS' ( our translation is no doubt wrong , but it sounds like this ), the background singers begin and old fashioned 'O-SHEE-BE-DOO-WOP' chorus, love the accents here 'AAAHHHHH, CYCLING BOOGIE,.....GONNA DANCE A WHILE, drums pound away.....

'SUKI, SUKI, SUKI' '75....this one is glam funk rock, with an emphasis on vocals, drums pound in spaces, band plays tight, good guitar solo....'WO, WO,WO, WO, HIGH, HIGH, HIGH, HIGH, E,I, E, I, SUKI ' !..............

'HI JACK, I'M JUST DYING' '75,is a GREAT glam pop number, reggae beat....sings MIKA......'HEY, I HAVE BEEN THINKING OF ONLY U, HEY !.....I'VE NEVER SEEN U IN A DREAM, HEY ! U FOUND YOUR FORTUNE IN CHINA TOWN, HEY ! IT"s THE VERY LAST DETAIL'......and........'U SHOULD COME TO TOKYO, ........TO SING...........WOULD U BELIEVE IN A ?...synths shine, ( fades ).......'

TIME MACHINE' '74,....is a slow prog instrumental that conjures up a deja vu feeling, the snare drum sounds like bullets, superb guitar playing..........'

TYPHOON' '75,.......is more a classic rock number with enthusiastic singing, lyrics in japanese, synths shine, guitars excel..........have a look at the best site on the SADISTIC MIKA BAND , JUN OKAMOTO's site -


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KAZUHIKO KATOH leader of the band

- excert from CHANT and be HAPPY , REVISIONS -

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nehabhikrama-naso ’sti pratyavayo na vidyate svalpam apy asya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat

In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear.?(Bg. 2.40). . .

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Give up all varieties of religiousness, and just surrender unto Me; and in return I shall protect you from all sinful reactions. Therefore, you have nothing to fear.?(Bg. 18.66) Thus the Lord takes all responsibility for one who surrenders unto Him, and He indemnifies all the reactions of sin. . . .

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MIKA KATO vocalist for the band *