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The law of karma describes the universe as an interconnected network in which every action causes a reaction to occur in the future. Material scientists understand the gross manifestation of this law in the form of physics, however, they have no idea of the workings of the same law on a more subtle platform.

The effects of karma are not limited to individuals, collective karma effects towns, countries and ultimately the whole planet.

Chance and Karma The law of karma eliminates the concept of random activities within the universe. It states that everything we experience, either pleasant or unpleasant, occurs as a result of our actions in the past, in this life or in previous lives. We get what we deserve and there is very little we can do about it. For this reason transcendentalists are unattached to the happiness and distress of this material world knowing that such temporary things are inevitable reactions to the activities they have performed in the past. Such transcendentalists fix their consciousness on higher things and thus remain undisturbed in any situation.

Karma as Nature's Police Force Karma polices the laws of nature. Nature has given universal laws which are applicable in all places and at all times. Every civilized society has some moral or religious codes presenting these universal laws in a way relevant to them. We have the freedom to choose to follow the regulative principals of the particular society we belong to or to act outside these principles.

If we choose to follow the regulative principles the result is "good karma and we reap the benefits in the future, however, if we choose to neglect the principles "bad karma" is the result and we suffer.

At the present moment practically the whole world has given up following regulative principles and is heading down the hedonistic path. As this path is detrimental to spiritual progress mother nature is responding by providing many conditions which cause us to suffer such as irregular rainfall, earthquakes, killer diseases, and so on.

After suffering in many ways we will gradually come to the point of understanding it is not possible to be happy by exploiting the material energy and we will instead turn to spiritual life.

The Earth is Conscious This earth planet is not a lump of dead rock as many scientists would like us to believe. We have a body, the ants have a body, the earth planet is a body and the entire universe is a body. The common factor in all bodies is they are pervaded by consciousness. The earth, therefore, is in a position to react to our attempts to exploit her resources for our sense gratification.

It is only possible to experience a peaceful, comfortable life with a pleasant climate, regular rainfall, abundant food production and freedom from natural disasters if we act in accordance with the laws of nature.

Every society has some information on these laws in the form of moral and religious instructions. These principles are universal and the current problems on earth; environmental, social and economic, have been caused as a result of the people of the world ignoring these universal laws of nature.

Scientific Advancement Can't Change Karma The underlying motivation of the technological explosion has been to improve material facilities and thus create a better world where people are happier. However, unknown to the scientists, the amount of happiness and distress experienced by each person is a result of karma, or the reactions from activities performed in this and previous lifetimes.

At birth everyone has an allotted amount of happiness and distress which they are destined to experience during their lives. This quota of happiness and distress is fixed and cannot be changed by any material advancement. If the scientists eliminate one cause of suffering mother nature will find another way to inflict the suffering.

We have reached the point in the Western countries where most people can see that despite much advanced technology and scientific knowledge we are no happier than our parents or grandparents were.

Actually, because of the dramatic increase of rape, incest, murder, violent crime, theft, stress and child abuse we are generally in a state of great anxiety which is not at all conducive to happiness or peace of mind.

The Assumption We Can Improve the Quality of Our Lives is False It is not possible to increase the amount of pleasure we experience by exploiting the resources of the planet. We get what we deserve as a result of our past karma. One person, who has good karma, may not work very hard and still live a very comfortable life, while someone else, despite working very, very hard might find it difficult to collect even enough money to buy food.

The amount of pleasure and suffering in our life is fixed. It is decided according to our activities in the past and cannot be changed.

A person interested in spiritual life is advised not to be attached to always being in a comfortable position and not to be distressed when put into a difficult position. A self-realized soul knows these things are temporary and they will, in time, pass.

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the INTRUDERS 'I Wanna Know Your Name'

I wanna know your name? hmm hmm Ooh you look so good I wanna know your name? What's your name, baby? I love you if I could

Oh, you're the kinda girl that I adore And you're the kinda girl I've been lookin' for Hey where do you live? Where do you live, baby? I like take you home

Whatta I have to give? Whatta I have to give To talk on the phone? Oh, you're the kinda girl that I adore And you're the kinda girl I've been lookin' for

Girl, tell me you name (I wanna know your name?) Just tell me your name Please tell me your name (I wanna know your name?) They never seen nothin' as sweet as you (I wanna know your name?) Sitting there in that red dress Pretty little thing (I wanna know your name?)

Cause I never give in another first sign But now I know that it's alright Girl, tell me you name (I wanna know your name?) Please tell me your name What's your name? (I wanna know your name?) You look so good, you look so good

(I wanna know your name?) Girl. never seen nothing like this in my life (I wanna know your name?) You just look like somethin' I can settle down with

Let me introduce myself, my name is Will Si I drive a little red Volkswagon I like to go horseback ridin' I like all kind of sweets, cupcakes, currents, and things like that This is why I can't help from noticing you

Just a jazzy, jazzy old babe Come on, come on have this dance Somethin' groovy as this we've got to dance Lord have mercy, am I holdin' you to tight? I'm, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, excuse me A little too close When are you going to tell me you name?

Please tell me your name I'm just have ta grab you and hold you little closer I just got to Lord have mercy