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thee LIVERBIRDS, from the u.k. *

'bo didley, bo didley was his name, didley, didley, dadley, yea bo didley is a lover, bo didley rides again' ! sang these gals...

the LUV'd oNES , from the u.s. , *

excert taken from a Vegt. site about 'safe eating' AT FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS FOR VEGETARIANS....

Guide to Fast Food Vegetarian Menu Items at Restaurant and Quick Service Chains

Ordering Information and Order form

If you donít use meat, what can you eat while on the road? The Vegetarian Resource Group has answered this question with a 32-page Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Options in Fast Food and Quick Service Chains.

Vegetarians are able to travel almost anywhere in the country and purchase a vegetarian or vegan bean burrito at Taco Bell. Their beans do not contain animal fat, and the tortilla wrappers are now made without dairy.

Subway is very consumer friendly with veggie sandwiches made to order. Many of the Subway stores are now offering a meatless burger and vegan Fruizle smoothie. Check your local establishment.

There have been several improvements since the last fast food survey. For example, Taco Bell said the chicken broth was removed from their seasoned rice due to consumer demand.

To obtain detailed information about 80 chains, order the 32-page guide to restaurants by sending $4.00 to The Vegetarian Resource Group, P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203.

Sample Listing

PIZZA HUT: Pizza Hutís Thin Ďn Crispy and dessert crusts are vegan. The Pan, Hand Tossed, and Stuffed Crust contain unspecified enzymes. Additionally, the Pan contains whey and the Stuffed contains mozzarella with unspecified enzymes. The Bread Sticks contain cheese with unspecified enzymes and the garlic spread contains butter flavor. All of the enzymes used in the cheeses at Pizza Hut are of unspecified sources. The regular pizza sauce is now vegan. It no longer contains beef flavorings. The sweet pizza concen-trate sauce contains Romano cheese and buttermilk. The spaghetti marinara sauce is also vegan.

However, there is a meat-based marinara sauce as well. Verify which one is being used. The Big New Yorker sauce contains cheese, cream, and butter. The Honey Mustard sauce contains eggs and honey. The White Pasta sauce is not vegetarian and contains chicken flavor and fat, as well as cheese, whey, milk, and cream. The Fajita sauce contains honey, chicken meat and fat, and whey. The Taco Bean sauce contains beef flavor. The pasta at Pizza Hut is vegan.

The sandwich cheese contains Swiss, American, and cheddar cheeses (all made with enzymes) and cream. The hoagie bun contains unspecified enzymes.

The Italian and French dressings are vegan. The blue cheese dressing contains enzymes, egg yolk, sour cream, and natural flavor. The ranch and buttermilk dressings contain cultured buttermilk, egg yolk, whey, and natural flavor. The Romano dressing contains cheese, egg yolk, and buttermilk powder. The creamy cucumber dressing contains nonfat dry milk and sour cream powder. The Thousand Island dressing contains natural flavorings, Worcestershire sauce, which usually contains anchovies, and egg yolk. The Creamy Caesar contains anchovies, eggs, and cheese. The garlic Parmesan mayonnaise dressing contains eggs, cheese, and natural flavors. The fat-free ranch contains whey, skim milk, and adipic acid.

The dessert pizza crust, cherry topping, and icing are vegan. The dessert pizza blueberry and apple toppings contain natural flavors. The dessert pizza crumb topping contains milk, mono- and diglycerides, and natural flavor


the CARRIE NATIONS, from the film BEYOND the VALLEY of the DOLLS *