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Hello and welcome, This is a simple page for extractions of the plant kind. Diagrams will be posted at a later date, with full pictures. Thank you for coming, all site is done by Author, Adam.battison, Thank you.

Extractions, the process of extraction.

Extractions are ways of extracting valuable plant chemicals from plants and herbs, you can practically do an extraction of anything.
From wild dagga to datura, extractions can be performed with all types, foliage and seeds.
Lets go through some types

This is an extraction done by soaking the leaf or seed material in cold water until the chemicals have been pulled out

Same as cold but more effective

A alcohol extract is simple yet one of the most effective ways.
Plant material is soaked in alcohol, maye methanol, ethyl, or isopropyl.
Then the alcohol is poured off after anywhere from 1 day to a week.
The alcohol is evaporated and you are left with extract, the raw chemicals

I dont think acetone is an alcohol, but it is very effective.

Here is an example, i extracted these two not long ago, finally labeled them and bagged them up, they are extracts of datura and salvia, 1 gram, 5x extracts.

If you are wondering what 5x means, then here it is.
5x means 5x more powerful, so, for an example, if you had 1 gram of 5x extract it would really be like 5 gram. You see. 10x would be like 10.

I will go through a simple 5x extraction
For salvia
Take 4 gram of salvia (Keep aside a gram to extract it on)
Put into a bowl
Add alcohol, 99% iso
Stir for ten minutes
Pour off alcohol
Discard of plant material
Evaporate alcohol until there is just enough to cover the remaining 1 gram
Mix in 1 gram and remaining alcohol and leave to dry
End product, 1 gram of 5x extract, salvia style.

Here are some pictures of my 2005 plant growing.

Atropa belladonna

Another atropa belladonna

Datura in flower

and another

A nice datura

And a thorn apple

racing collectables
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