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The story starts in 1630 with the birth of JOHN WILLIAM WAUGH, of Scattergate, Tyrena County, Scotland. Some historians show that he may have been born in Ireland and moved to Scotland, but most records indicate he was born in Scotland. John would one day become a preacher and move to the "New Country" The Reverend Waugh, or Parson Waugh as he was best known was a minister in Overwharton Parish in Stafford County, VA. He lived for a time in Northumberland, VA. Parson Waugh died at Cherry Hill in Stafford County, VA in 1706. Some history records say that John was married 3 times, the name of his first wife is unknown to historians, some believe she was the mother of his first two children, John and Joseph. Elizabeth is believed to have been his second wife and the mother of all his other children. The Parson's 3rd wife may have been Christan. But all of these names are unproved due to the fact that records were lost or destroyed (a lot during the Civil War) and the timeline of history was broken with Parson John William Waugh. Some records say that he may have had as many as 7 wives in his lifetime. All this information is unproven. We believe that he fathered at least 7 children. Joseph, John William, Alexander, David, Richard, Ann, and Elizabeth Waugh (b)unknown - (d) abt. 6-21-1707. The oldest of the children, Joseph we believe was born in England in 1660 while the rest was born in Stafford and Prince William County, Virginia.

John William, was nicknamed "POISON" we believe so there would be no confusion between him and his father. "Poison" Waugh would marry Martha Mothershead and they would have 4 children, John, James, Thomas, and William.

William Waugh was born in Stafford County, Virginia in 1710. In 1738 he married Margaret Tyler and they had 6 children,Tyler, Priscilla, Margaret, William, Thomas, and Million.

Tyler Waugh was born in February 1738 or 1739 at Overton Parrish, Fauquier County, Virginia. He later married and had 2 children that we know by his first wife. John and George. His first wife we believe was Mary Crump while his second wife was Margaret Mauzey who we believe gave him a child by the name of James.

John Waugh was born in Virginia. He married but his first wife's name is unknown at this time. His first child we believe was: George William Waugh born in 1789 in what is now known as Mason County, West Virginia. Mason County was formed in 1804, from the northwestern corner of Kanawha County. Since George was born in 1789 he may have been born in Kanawha County not Mason County, Virginia

Mason County borders the Ohio River, and is just across the River from Pomeroy and Middleport, Ohio and continues down along the Ohio River, and for many miles is directly across from Gallia County, Ohio.

History shows that sometime around 1800 John,his wife along with young "George" and his siblings would migrated on into Gallia County, Ohio.

Once located in Gallia County, John built a home near the mouth of Swan Creek this is where young George would grow into a man. They had a large amount of land that stretched for several miles. The area where they lived was and still is known to many people today as "Waugh's Bottom"

George Waugh in 1811 married Rachael Kennedy; from this marriage they were to have 7 children. One of these 7 children was Lemuel Vinton Waugh (1828-1911)

Lemuel Vinton Waugh would marry Mary A. Trotter and from this union they had George Waugh (1871-1898

George Waugh married Lorencha (Sarah)Brown and they had two children Orville S. Waugh 1896-1961 and Georgia Waugh. George died, when his son was only 2 years old, and before his daughter was even born. Rumor has it that after a hard day's work in the fields he had to come home and do all the chores (cook, clean and feed the animals) while his wife would sit and read all day.

Orville S. Waugh was born at Swan Creek, Ohio this is within walking distance of the Ohio River. He was born in a small log cabin that set along the side of a dirt road off of Hannan Trace Road.

I remember my Grandfather Orville S. Waugh 1896-1961 talking about how the Ohio River at times would get low enough, that a wagon with a team of horses could be driven across it. This was long before any locks and dams were placed along the river to control the water levels to some degree.

Orville S. Waugh would marry Margaret M Hinds in 1915 and they would have two children Lucille Wynette Waugh (1916- present and Robert Hinds Waugh (1917-1918), Robert would died in the winter of 1918 not even 6 month old. My grandparents never talked much about this but one time "PIP" as I called my grandfather did say that it was so cold the day that they went to bury Robert that they could not dig the grave because the ground was so frozen. They put him in a Mausoleum until the spring of the year when the ground has thawed out and he could be buried. Robert is buried next to his grandparents in Caledonia, Ohio. The headstone reads: ROBERT HINDS "The son of Orville S. and Margaret Waugh" and also showing the DOB and DOD

It wasn't until sometime in 2002, while checking records at the cemetery in Caledonia that it was discovered they showed no Robert Waugh buried in the cemetery. Upon further investigation and working with a nice gentleman by telephone, who went out and looked at the grave marker discovered an error that was made. The grave had been recorded as that of Robert Hinds. A written explanation was put in the records at the Caledonia Cemetery showing Robert Hinds Waugh and where he is buried.

At the time of Roberts death the family was living in Huntington, WV and continued to do so for several more years. Sometime in the early 1930's the family after several moves in and around Huntington and to Louisiana for a short time would finally settle in the semi northern Ohio area. By 1940 Wynette was on her way to the big city, Columbus, Ohio to work.

Lucille Wynette Waugh would marry in 1941, Walter Emerson Hayes a man she met while she was working in Columbus, Ohio. The war was going strong and Walter joined (drafted) the Army Air Corp. In 1944 she would have a son Walter Eugene Hayes, then just a little over a year after his birth, Wynette would divorce Walter.

Living with her parents Wynette worked, and "Momo" cared for little "Gene" and "PIP" as "Gene" called his grandfather worked in construction. In 1948 the family decided to move from Galion, Ohio to southern Ohio, near Proctorville. Orville S. Waugh bought 10 acres of land on the Ohio River about 25 miles from where "George" had settled in Gallia County in 1800. He built a large home that had a unique design for it's time. The ground floor was 1 1/2 stories high and was made of block and brick. The main living quarters set on the second and third stories. Those higher two areas were regular wood construction set on top of the block and brick ground floor. The ground floor area had a large recreation room and washroom with room enough to hang clothes inside the house to dry. The furnace room was also on this floor.

This house was built with the idea that if there was a large flood, like in 1937 that the ground floor could not be water damaged. This house is still standing and being lived in 2003

Walter Eugene Hayes lived until about 1955 in the big house on the river.In that same year a new home was being built that was all on one level, and a little closer (3 miles)to the big city of Huntington, WV.

The next two years brought a lot of good time for the family, then in 1958 it brought a big change to the family that had lived together for the last 14 years. Orville S. and his wife of 43 years moved to Gallipolis, Ohio on a small farm (25 acres) that they had bought. Wynette and her son, Gene, moved into an apartment in Huntington, WV. .

By 1961 the family that had lived together for all those years was back together again. The farm had been sold and Orvile S. Waugh would die in June of that year from his long battle with cancer.

Walter Eugene Hayes in November 1967 would marry Candice Leigh (Lee) Brumfield-Ward and they would have 3 children. Rebecca Elizabeth, Jeffrey Wade, and Kimberly Kaye.

As you follow us through time here is an interesting fact:

Kimberly Kaye Hayes (bn:1971) was born in Gallia County, Ohio at Gallipolis. Rebecca Elizabeth Hayes (bn:1968) and Jeffrey Wade Hayes (bn:1970) were born in Huntington, West Virginia.

Rebecca, Jeffrey, and Kimberly are the 5G Grandchildren of "John Waugh" who was one of our ancestor to first settle in Gallia County, Ohio. They are the 9G Grandchildren of Parson John William Waugh.

"this will be continued"