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Own one of the best script batchers available!!

Use EZSCRIPT-PRO and you can be faster, more efficient, and more productive.
EZSCRIPT-PRO allows you to increase your productivity by using scripts.
The built-in scripting ability is one of AutoCADs' most powerful feature.
This $19.99 software will help you meet your CAD deadlines faster.
EZscript-PRO does CAD FAST!

EZscript-PRO 5.07 is for CAD Professionals!

  •   EZSCRIPT-PRO Features:

  • - Supports English, German & Spanish Languages
    - Convert hundreds of drawings to different AutoCAD versions or DXF files in only minutes!!
  • - Convert DWG to PDF format fast!    Download the CutePDF Writer Printer Driver from cutepdf.com
    - Batch plot with the click of a mouse.
    - Delayed Plotting.
    - Purge your drawings fast.
    - Monitor the progress of your scripts in 'real time' and get confirmation of completed scripts.
  • - Powerful script editing ability built in.
  • - Change drawing file attributes easily.
  • - Unlimited number of drawings can be batched. 
  • - Save time by performing those repetitious tasks faster and easier.
  • - Apply as many scripts as you want to your drawings. It couldn't be simpler.
  • - Automatically run all your LISP programs to modify and create drawings.
  • - Mix your scripts and LISP programs together and run them at maximum speed. Now that's power!
  • - Perform batch conversions between ACAD versions, DXF, and DWF  files.
  • - EZscript-Pro runs under Windows 95/98, 2000, NT and XP.
  • - Works across your network.
  • - Simple user interface with drag & Drop from Windows folders.
  • - Integrated Help
  • - Supports long file names.
  • - Supports ALL AutoCAD versions 12 and up.
  • - Launch AutoCAD from this program with one click and run all your favorite scripts.
  • - For more info, Read our FAQ.

    - Best of all, it's only $19.99!

Click here to download EZ-Script Pro 5.07.

NEW Software! "Script-Ripper" creates scripts for you. Automatically!. Easy! (See download page)     

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