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Own one of the best script batchers available.. for only $19.99.

Use EZSCRIPT-PRO with AutoCAD and you can deliver faster, be more efficient, and productive.
By using simple scripts, EZSCRIPT-PRO increases your CAD productivity, period.
The scripting function inside AutoCAD is a powerful feature, you can bring it to life with this software.
This affordable software will allow you to meet your CAD deadlines faster so you can stop wasting time.

EZscript-PRO 5.07 was developed for CAD professionals by CAD professionals!

  •   What EZScript-PRO can do for you:

  • - Save hours of CAD work by using scripts to do those boring repetitious tasks. And its easy. You can batch plot or edit as many drawings as you want - and do it hands off!
    - Change drawing file attributes easily. Imagine changing the title blocks on 100 drawings in under an hour! Now you can.
  • - Convert your DWG files to PDF format fast! Just use a PDF print driver and EZScript-PRO.    Download the CutePDF Writer Printer Driver from
    - Batch plot all your drawings with the click of a mouse. You can also do Time Scheduled Plotting after work. Just load your printer with paper, set the start time and go home.
    - Try this. Quickly purge your drawings of all unused blocks and let EZScript-PRO do it for you. This reduces file size.
    - Need drawings in a different format? Convert hundreds of drawings to different AutoCAD versions or DXF files in only minutes!!
    - You can also monitor the progress of your scripts and get confirmation of completed scripts.
  • - A script editor is included.
  • - An almost unlimited number of drawings can be batch scripted.
  • - EZScript-Pro also runs scripts and LISP programs together. 
  • - Supports Windows 7, 2000, NT, Vista, XP and you can access files on your network or on shared folders.
  • - Drag & Drop drawing files or folders from Windows Explorer directly into EZScript-Pro.
  • - Supports all AutoCAD versions.
  • - Help in English, German, and Spanish Languages.
  • - Launch AutoCAD from this program with one click and run all your favorite scripts.
  • - For more info, Read our FAQ.

    - Quality, affordable software for only $19.99! Thats a bargain!

Click here to Purchase EZ-Script Pro 5.07. After Paypal payment, simply follow the provided return link to the download site.


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