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Witness: A photograph or intent of goal written on paper.

Orgone Blaster/Generator: A special machine that generates life force energy or chi. Available from HSCTI.
Rate: Place a photograph of the person, place or event you wish to happen. Now get the "rate" by rubbing fingers or thumb on the rubber stick pad, turning the dial with the other hand and asking a question like, "tell me the rate for the cause of it not raining," when your finger sticks to the pad or you hear a "pop" stop rubbing and stop turning the dial. This is now the "rate". Now subtract the numbers from the dial or "rate" from 10 and you now have a rate to make it rain. This particular machine has 9 dials or potometers. A book or reseach on the web about radionics gives more info.

Timer: A digital timer set to activate the frequency on/off during the phase of its broadcast.

Orgone Sheet: 15 to 20 thin sheets of layed foil with a non conductive sheet, like wax paper between each foil sheet, at the very last sheet is a a copper wire which connects to box.
The Orgone sheet is charged for 4 days by placing it on top of layer of smaller pyramids.

Salt Water: A small plastic or glass bowl of salt water from normal salt.

Copper ring of marble spheres: A ring of copper with small spheres of crystal glued to it.

Laminated Card: This is the goal or frequency you wish to occur written on paper than laminated with adhesive clear tape or plastic coated.

Grounding Wire Clip: This wire leads to the ground of your house or outside to a rod embedded into the soil.

Caduceus Coil: See web for how to construct one. Creates Zero Point Energy quite well when life / force pyramid energies are fed into it.

Plate #2: This is a normal tin plate with a copper coil in the center which clips to the main plate. This plate is attached to the side of the box about 1' from main plate.

Caduceus Coil Antenna: A normal telescopic antenna that has 2 DNA strand style windings opposite each other that start at the base of the antenna and finish at the top. At the very top of the antenna rests a marble sphere.

Copper ring of spheres: Two copper rings of 2 slightly sizes to form 2 rings. Marble spheres are glued to the 2 rings to form a complete circle.

30 day charged crystals: These are two crystals that have been put inside a pyramid and left there for 30 days to obtain a maximum charge. This can be on an Orgone sheet with a pyramid on top or just under a plain pyramid.

1 month sheet, super charged sheet: This is a 8 layered sheet consisting of 8 layers of aluminum and 8 layers of plastic one on top of the other to form a type of sandwich called an Orgone sheet. There is wire running in a wave like pattern on one side of the sheet and a wire comes out at one end for a connection to the box inside. This sheet is placed on the top of a number of small pyramids that cover the area of the sheet. This sheet sits on these pyramids for 30 days gathering enough charge to be released during a broadcast when it is connected to the box.

Opposites: This is small pieces of paper with the exact opposite of what you want to occur written on it. These are placed around the outside of the coil on the pad.

Card: This is a laminated piece of paper, that has your thoughtform or what you want to occur written down on it. This piece of paper is placed next to the witness on the plate during any broadcast and is used when obtaining a rate. This piece of paper is vital to any broadcast.

Plate: Where the witness and paper is placed during a broadcast.

Pad: Where the coil is located on the box, it is also used to obtain a "stick" when taking a rate. This is covered in rubber and is where the strobe light and soldering iron are placed.

Copper Cap: A copper cap or small bowl that has been placed inside a pyramid for 30 days. The bowl contains a small crystal pointing upwards. This radiates an energy field that extends for several feet.
Amplifying Pattern: A large circle surrounded by a smaller number of circles. Usually made of copper circles on cardboard or thick paper. Used to charge geometric patterns and as an amplifier.

Soldering Iron: Standard soldering iron.

Wand: Copper pipe with 2 crystals at each end. Used to help the energies flow when frequency is activated.

Crystal Headband: A band made of copper which fits on the head. Attached to the copper band is a wire which feeds into the circuit of the box.


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