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Create your own space - time machine and watch the fun begin!

For Release to the General Public as of November 28th, 2002 A.D.

Merry Christmas America!

I would like to begin by thanking Art Bell for his inspiration to develop, create and inspire in all of us the mysteries of the universe that are out there. If it was not for him, this machine would never have been created.

I give heartfelt thanks to Dr. Steven Greer for his continuing, although difficult, task of breaking up and bringing to light the "hidden sector" of technology that is not being fully utilized to the public arena.

A few things before you read this information:

1: I backed this information up to a secret website about 4 years ago and never distributed this information to anyone. A few weeks later, I could not log into my website and found that my password had been changed. - I have been a webmaster since the web began - close to 7 years now - I have built over 15 different websites (professional) websites and never have I ever had difficulty logging in or accessing any of them. It seems somebody out there has a very huge capability to search the entire web either webpages that are not made public, as well as webpages that are made public, and whoever they are, and I'm sure they're reading this found this information a little too hot to handle.
So that is why this website is being mirrored on as many free servers as possible, and I suggest you download it to your PC for future reference as who knows what may happen as I am now going public with this information. My name is withheld (for obvious reasons). Also this information is given to the free domain and reproduction is hereby granted. Please mirror this information on as many servers as you can. Hereby permission is granted to freely distribute this information with the restriction that you do not take credit for the machine, technology or research described herein. Reference can be made to Deepstar - California for the author / inventor of this machine.

Here is the story (short version)

From 1993 to 1996 I was involved in research at a Government facility on developing a machine capable of materializing or manifesting objects , circumstances and acclerating thought forms.

Research took place using lottery numbers. Simply put, the machine (which I'll explain later) was activated to create the next days lottery numbers. The machine worked on frequency, so a frequency was put up for a number of hours or days, sometimes seconds and than the next day the lottery would be drawn and the numbers would appear.

Now don't get greedy here, the lottery number system was used because it is totally random and a great tester for tuning the machine and getting it to perform as engineered.

Over time the results were up to %99 in materializing the lottery numbers for the next day. Once that was achieved the machine was deemed operational and lottery number research materialization was abandoned. Words cannot explain the feeling when you materialize the numbers you set the frequency for. It is like turning on a light switch and bam! they appear out of thin air!

Now the fun part starts.

When you reach this level of technology you step into another world. A world where anything is possible. The machine was used for many things from diverting war, to creating a better world, to contacting beings from other planets to stop the aging process to instant healing and so on.

Well it was found that after using the machine for so many uses and things, and it sounds crazy, but it seems that we exist in our own reality, space time universe. So what this machine does is creates a rift in space/time to the universe that you want. This universe is based on the frequency that is activated / tuned. This than puts you in that universe. It is also permanent, and I mean very permanent. Once you set the frequency say for example to stop aging, you stop aging, although the effects are really weird for that.
In the end, you find that real power such as being president of the united states of America is not real power at all. Why is that real power when you can set up this machine to take you / create the situation / event you want at will? Real power is growing from within learning about who you really are. When you change who you are inside the whole world changes. It is really true.

I've nicknamed this machine "the ark of the covenant"

Noted side effects while being in the presence are:

1: Machine tends to "come alive" or begins to display a consciousness of it's own.
2: Amplification of thoughts, feelings and emotions while near or around the machine.
3: Computer operations are affected and you can have fun with this. Most noted computer malfunctions are programs that open/close on their own, and other odd things.
4: The room, when activated will achieve a warmer temperature.
5: Healing while near the machine.

The reason I am releasing this information is because:

1: Dr. Greer’s effort to release these technologies to the public domain.
2: The need for such technology to better humanity (the intent of the machine)
3: A personal goal of mine

I know what the government and maybe you are thinking right now:
What about terrorists or "it" getting into the wrong hands?

1: The universe all around us is not what it appears. If a terrorist was to build this machine and exploit it, then this is what would happen: He/She would create a terrorist attack in his/her own reality and suffer the consequences. You and I would not be affected, however in another universe we would be affected. It gets quite complex, and I'll keep it simple.

I'm sure whoever hacked my online backup data knows this information completely. I'm also sure that real advanced physics researchers understand what I am talking about here as far as personal universes go.

Since I am no longer in government employ I use the machine myself mostly. I have used it to stop aging, create a booming business, attain chosen goals in life and soon will use it to leave for the stars. Either open a portal or go to another planet where they have achieved a higher level of understanding of living with others. Now that's gonna rock!

This website has many mirrors so that is why it is short and simple. I don't want "theM" screwing with this information again.

Here are the plans and information. If you build this machine properly and follow the instructions correctly, than you can be guaranteed of success.

Read up on Radionics. And build a simple radionic box. Once that is done, make additions by following the instructions I have listed in this document.

1: Get the rate for the frequency. If you want it to rain for example. By saying, "Tell me the cause for it not raining on Saturday"
Now once you have that rate, subtract it from 10.
The rate you subtract from 10 is the frequency you will use to activate the machine.
This works great for curing a cold or instant healing. It's amazing, it's like a miracle when it works.
Sounds crazy, like this machine, but it does work. And you need to follow each step along the way to get results. It takes about 2 hrs to prep and get the machine ready. But worth it if you want to change the universe you exist in.

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Plans and Pictures of the machine in use


Clensing Formula

Research Notes

Longer Frequency Activation


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