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Welcome to Michelly Land 


Hello Everybody.... wanna know more about me? Well here you are. Contained on this page you can find all kinds of stuff about Jason and me, Worlds of Fun and my demented lil interests.

Jason and Me


Here are a few pictures of Jason and me. He is my roller coaster riding buddy. Which is pretty cool since we met while working at one (Timber Wolf Forever!). We've been to St. Louis MO and Los Angeles, CA together already. This summer we are planning to travel to Texas and hit all the Six Flags parks there that is possible in a week! I can drive fast though. Hehe. Also I get to go to "Mini Soda" hehe. Shopping! Hehe..time to remax out all my credit cards. :) So thanks to Jason my new state count has gone from not being outside of KS and MO to seeing an ocean. Whoa cool. We are currently competing with fake Nascar teams on yahoo and I know who is gonna win :) ME OF COURSE! Hehehhe. If you want to see pictures from our adventures you can see them here.

California Summer 2002

St Louis Summer 2001

Timber Wolf 2001

1 Year Anniversary at Skies in Kansas City MO and the Plaza

What more could I possibly cram into this life filled with Jason and travel?? Well I gotta make money too! So....

for the past 5 feel old. I have dedicated my summers to a "paid vacation" if you've heard the commercials hehe at Worlds of Fun. I was on the following crews: 1998 Rockin' Reeler complex, 1999 Monsoon, 2000 Orient Express, 2001 Asst Lead of the Timber Wolf, and in 2002 I was the Lead of the Octopus "one of WOF's original thrillers."  And since I just can't enough I am working there again this summer the Lead of the Orient Express. I have tons of pictures from these years too. Sadly my old website that was all about Monsoon 1999 was destroyed I have to hunt for all my pictures again. Keep watching :)

**** Upcoming fun stuff: ****

Every year I get some free tickets for admission to Worlds of Fun. So far this year I have no takers so here is my plan. I am not sure when it will be finalized but here is the plot: when I have those hot lil tickets in my hand, your guys' job is to email me your sob story on why I should give you one. Best stories....more like funniest stories win. More details to come in late May early June. 

The 2002 Octopus Gang

There may have only been a few of us that "Survived" hehe. But they were some of the most interesting people to spend a summer with.  


So from left to right we got Brian....(hey Brian if you read this you are still a peon), me...(I am still the dictator of Octopia..even if the park is closed) Shawn ( you still owe me free ice cream) and Erik ( got any more stories about snipe? Hehe.)  Of course I can't forget to mention Josh and Kara. 

Cool Links

Wanna find out more about my interests? Well right now I don't have too much time to explain so check out these links for now. Enjoy :)

Yay all done for tonight....should probably get on to my homework...but if you are passing through an want to talk amusement parks or roller coasters IM me on AIM at JCsMichelly or just email me at 

Wanna know more about Jason? Well here's his site,,,eer what's left of it...I'm sorry I was the cause for it's demise but tis shall return!