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Yuno the Alien

A strange creature with a penchant for money!

     Yuno the Alien is infatuated with something on this planet that all of us covet... moola! And this sly character will always find a way to get it, no matter what, or who, gets in his way!

Yuno the AlienYuno the Alien

     "The Mayor"
     Yuno the Alien: 'The Mayor'
     In "The Mayor", Yuno gives an idiotic mayor exactly what he wants!

FAST FACT: The character of the mayor is based on a real-life person: Mel Lastman, the former mayor of the city of Toronto (pictured on the right).

FAST FACT: The Yuno character is named after the classic crazy eights-style card game, Uno.

     "The Cashier"
     Yuno the Alien: 'The Cashier'
     In "The Cashier", an obnoxious Wal-mart employee gets full payment--and a lot more, too!

     "The Donald"
     Yuno the Alien: 'The The Donald'
     In "The Donald", Yuno's appearance on "The Apprentice" doesn't bode well for Mr. Trump!

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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