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Vampire 4 Hire

An idiot vampire's quest for employment...

     Vampire 4 Hire is a Halloween-themed comic series with a laughable premise: a real-life vampire, unable to meet his payments and booted from his castle, must scour the classifieds to find a 'real' job. Although he is somehow able to secure a position, old habits never die, and he always screws it up.

     "The Beginning"
     Vampire 4 Hire: 'The Beginning'
     In "The Beginning", the saga of the Vampire 4 Hire begins as he is promptly evicted from his castle...

     "The Blood Bank"
     Vampire 4 Hire: 'The Blood Bank'
     In "The Blood Bank", our favourite unemployed vampire attempts to convince a hiring manager that he's 'hungry' for the job!

     "The Lawyer"
     Vampire 4 Hire: 'The Lawyer'
     In "The Lawyer", the Vampire 4 Hire has managed to secure a law degree, and is about to begin his first case...

     "The Driving Test"
     Vampire 4 Hire: 'The Driving Test'
     In "The Driving Test", the Vampire 4 Hire tries his very best to get a license!

FAST FACT: "The Driving Test" was never a completed drawing, but began as a crude sketch inspired by the nervousness that is invoked during one's first driving test. During the restoration process, elements were added and text was incorporated to create a complete cartoon.

     "The Santa Claus"
     Vampire 4 Hire: 'The Santa Claus'
     In "The Santa Claus", our unstoppable job-seeker sinks to a new low-- promoting a rival holiday as a mall santa!

     "Love at First Bite"
     Vampire 4 Hire: 'Love at First Bite (Version 1)'      Vampire 4 Hire: 'Love at First Bite (Version 2)'
     In "Love at First Bite (Version 1)" and "Love at First Bite (Version 2)", the Vampire 4 Hire finally finds true love in this Valentine's Day special!

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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