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Super Mario

It's a Mushroom Kingdom Maze to cure your boredom!

     Super Mario is an original maze with an entertaining twist: not only must you reach the goal, but you will have to collect stars, travel through warp pipes, and avoid dangerous enemies along the way! Featuring many characters and environments from the classic videogame series.

PRESS START to play!
Super Mario: 'The Mushroom Kingdom Maze'

FAST FACT: A two-player competitive sequel to the Mushroom Kingdom Maze was created titled Super Mario Bros., with Desert Land from Super Mario Bros. 3 as the setting. The maze featured power-ups, hectic coin collecting, enemies and a boss battle, but was unfortunately never completed. Click on the thumbnail on the right to view this original unfinished version of the maze. Super Mario Bros.: 'Desert Land Maze' (Unfinished)

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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