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Mr. Bayoumi

Who exactly is "Mr. Bayoumi"???

     Mr. Bayoumi is a hapless physics teacher who just can't identify with his students... but he does try. Based on a real person and actual events, join Mr. Bayoumi as he strives to understand the people around him, with hilarious results.

     "Wha You Say?"
     Mr. Bayoumi: 'Wha You Say?'
     In "Wha You Say?", the clueless high school physics teacher attempts to socialize with a student...

     "Wah's Dis?"
     Mr. Bayoumi: 'Wah's Dis?'
     In "Wah's Dis?", the curious Mr. Bayoumi inquires about his student's strange device...

     "I Don't Understand?"
     Mr. Bayoumi: 'I Don't Understand?'
     In "I Don't Understand?", the stalwart teacher struggles to comprehend a cryptic symbol...

FAST FACT: The Mr. Bayoumi character is based on an actual person, a hapless high school physics teacher named... you guessed it, Mr. Bayoumi!

FAST FACT: The comics are loosely based on actual events.

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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