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Baby J

The mischievious newborn who loves cookies!

     Baby J is a charming cartoon series starring an adorable newborn who always seems to be getting into trouble. From his destructive attempt to secure an out-of-reach cookie to his take on some common computer terms, Baby J will always induce a smile.

     "Cookie Trouble"
     Baby J: 'Cookie Trouble'
     In "Cookie Trouble", Baby J goes to great (and destructive) lengths to get at his favourite snack-- cookies!

     "Delusions of Grandeur"
     Baby J: 'Delusions of Grandeur'
     In "Delusions of Grandeur", Baby J learns the hard way that dreams don't always come true!

     "Computer Trouble"
     Baby J: 'Computer Trouble'
     In "Computer Trouble", Baby J gives his unique take on some of the most common computer terms.

FAST FACT: The Baby J character was created during and inspired by a high school family studies course that included a section on the perils of parenting!

     "Merry Christmas"
     Baby J: 'Merry Christmas'
     "Merry Christmas" is Baby J's special holiday message for his fans!

     "Beach Blues!"
     Baby J: 'Beach Blues!'
     In "Beach Blues!", Baby J's excitement turns sour when he realizes that the beach may not be all that it seems!

     "I Dream of Cookies"
     Baby J: 'I Dream of Cookies'
     In "I Dream of Cookies", Baby J's love of all things cookie comes back to haunt him...

     "Road Trip"
     Baby J: 'Road Trip'
     In "Road Trip", everyone's favourite trouble-making newborn gets more than he bargained for when he bothers another motorist!

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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