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Grandma, Grandpa & Danny Saltzwimmer
Grandma, Grandpa & Danny Saltzwimmer

1. The goal of the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory is to provide outstanding customer service with the finest homemade chocolates known to man.

2. We make over 100 varieties of Chocolates.

3. We roast our own nuts, make our own caramel and fudge, and hand dip our award winning ice cream bars.

4. We believe in always using nothing but the finest ingredients, such as pure chocolate, fresh cream and butter.

5. Never using any additives or preservatives.

6. Family owned by third generation candy makers. Our Grandfather started making candy during the great depression to supplement the family income.

7. The business originated in Akron, Ohio. They relocated to Washoe Valley, Nevada in 1983.

8. Currently there are two locations. The candy is manufactured at the foothills of Virginia City on Hwy 341.

9. This location also has a gift shop, ice cream shop along with a window for the customer to view the candy making process.

10. Our other store is located in Washoe Valley on Hwy 395, halfway between Reno and Carson City, including an ice cream shop.

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