Atheists Concerned for America: Why I Am an Atheist



Introduction: The following story is divided into four unrelated scenarios that each depict God's rather puzzling demonstration of EQUAL love. Christians say their god's will (and, hence, "love" supposedly) coincides with every moment in time, yet they are unable to explain the lack of such intervention at the stake of horrific abominations. My intent, thus, is to compel Christians to ponder for themselves what is best to believe instead of relying on dogma. To accomplish this, I will illuminate the troubled stories of three very real, tangible almost 'down-to-earth' characters typed right out of my imagination. These TAME interpretations of either God's nonexistence or his apathy will, in theory, provoke fresh philosophical thoughtfulness. (It is noteworthy that even LEARNING about other theological philosophies is condemned by St. Paul in Colossians 2:8.) It is pertinent Christians reinterpret the Bible for what it unconscionably is, and not as it's been exploited to them. Then Christianity will be RIGHTFULLY known for its history of massive fraud and political conspiracy. So with that ultimate aspiration in mind, without further ado I, Jordan Miguel Adorno, now present the following testaments:

"Why I am an Atheist: the Disingenuous Christian Deity's Sneakily Consistent Absence—Even when those in need are His Greatest Worshipers"

By Jordan "BluntJoey" Adorno

Isaiah 45:7: “ I form the light, and create darkness;
I make peace, and create evil;
I am the LORD, that doeth all these things.”

Scenario A [Kyle]: He is a 16-year-old, vulnerable young man with no one's love at all to guide him. Kyle, technically, in a way brought this upon himself really, because it wasn't like he'd expected support after confessing to his parents that he is gay. Unsurprisingly they were beyond appalled, devastated by what they never expected. They reacted unsympathetically, not trying to understand at all whenever he tried talking to them about it. (It didn't even seem to matter how gentle Kyle was about approaching it; his efforts were always futile, sadly.) Rather oppositely in fact, his parents gave him hell for it over an initial course of two weeks—

Then the everlasting restlessness for the wicked inevitably destroyed his world when he came home from school one late-afternoon day. Kyle, driven by impulsive anger toward his “shamed” and “disgusted” parents, drew major attention to a second, arguably worse announcement. Defensive like never before, fueled Kyle fed to impulse indeed, rational or not, and passionately further provoked his parents. "Wanna know something else, Mom, Dad? I'm an Atheist, guys!! That's right, I think Christianity is best suited for the illiterate, ignorant fools whose IQs are like 80 and lower!"

And that did it. They sent Kyle to one of those unspeakable "reorientation" camps where a straight-out Christian mafia (at least as far as Kyle was concerned) would, as his parents explained, “turn you back into a Godly heterosexual— like you were before.” It'd at first been almost laughable to Kyle that they’d willingly invested their savings into something that all REAL mental health research proved virtually impossible. But nonetheless, whether he agreed with it or not, ultimately this was the unbearable consequence for his so-called "Satanic-like" misbehaviors. From the minute of his arrival, Kyle was forcedly subject to Christian radicals shoving their doctrine down his throat in attempting to brainwash him, just as they did with all the rest of their patients (each whom in turn was allegedly guilty of similar, or at least equable, "misbehaviors"). Without any relent at all, it was always with unstoppable esteem that these lunatic zealots delivered their ministering efforts upon dozens of poor teenagers like Kyle. Specifically, ever-occurring "re-orientation therapy" was the centerfold treatment plan received here at ground-zero of the vulturous promulgators' headquarters: called "Center for the Expulsion of Demons in Needy Souls: A Fast-Track Return to Christ", the campground was located out in the rural country about 200 miles away from home. Immediately revealing its ominous, all-daunting atmosphere right upfront for Kyle, the place soon proved to be an untenable imprisonment.

At the given moment, however, he sat on his bunk bed in his wretched compound about a fortnight later, listening to Marilyn Manson on his undiscovered MP3 player. Pondering cynical thoughts, without any reasonable indication he arrived at a spontaneous all-illuminating epiphany: Kyle, resentful as can be, dryly mused, 'I’m godless for questioning the ridiculous Bible while somehow my parents are "Christlike" for hating me, their only son, just for being gay and, well also yeah, technically too, likewise, for taking the road of the modern-day millennial freethinker as well (God-forbid!). What a cracked-out fucking conspiracy.'

His unintentional punchline left him laughing sardonically, but only for a single amused moment, though; it was followed shortly by a long, aggrieved sigh...

Jesus does not save.


Scenario B [Colin]: A six-year-old boy begs for God's intervention again, even though his many prayers have proved only to be redundant. Full of nothing but innocence, however, the young child's vulnerable mind has yet the comprehension to accurately take sight of "the bigger picture" here: Colin, in his childlike ignorance, fails to recognize the permanently dismal horizon of his life; he in turn fails to recognize the lack of responsive aid returned for his devoted worship — plain and simple! From birth an unquestioning belief and conviction in God for all things had been instilled into Colin, arguably brainwashing him.

Regardless, whomsoever the deity is that this poor boy prays to turns only a compassionless eye for his dying dad. Still, in the innocence of a religious child, he does not view God as apathetic. He, like others, ignores the obviousness that if such a God does indeed exists, then obviously it is the central source of all apathy. Colin especially is prime example of this, only six and only trusting in God unquestioningly, despite that He allows his father's cancer to suffer him to death, despite that He will allow Colin to have neither a father nor a mother in the very near future...

The small boy is, in fact, being made to suffer no less than — and sometimes much more even— the deity's evilest creations.

But Colin, misled down a naive, self-destructive spiritual path, prays anyway, again and again. Dad's chronic, unbeatable Leukemia might soon separate them forever, so he can’t give up faith in God now! Two months ago, Colin tearfully begged God (despite two years without answers, notably) for help, too, on that day his father was brokenheartedly forced to disappoint his innocent son with the sad words, “Daddy’s too weak to hold you on his lap, Champ.” That time Colin himself heard when his dad uncontrollably started crying; crestfallen, agonizing tears overwhelmed his father so much that for once, Daddy couldn't just protectively bow his head away where Colin wouldn't see. No, the moment was much bigger than that: earlier that day his dad had learned there was officially nothing more the doctors could possibly do, but he could never have told Colin that. (His despaired father angrily had thought to his own tortured self, 'Never should anyone have to decide whether to tell their six-year-old kid this!') Colin is much too young to grasp the beast that is Death anyway, but even a forewarning to be hopeless wouldn’t have stopped him praying; no, Colin's God-filled loyalty has not faltered even as witness to his heartbroken dad continuing to have less and less strength every day...

Tonight, however, Dad has fallen too ill to leave his bedside even. Colin is left sitting in the waiting room, alone at that. He has not even a blanket or any pastime whatsoever for distraction. Even at six-years-old, Colin can almost feel himself slowly dying inside, too, a discomfort helped by the bone-chilling cold overwhelming the room. Solemnly, Colin returns to praying, heeding again that constant, now only half-comforting lie. Colin cannot cope with the dreading his young mind cannot yet make sense of. He murmurs every prayer he knows frantically, having no idea today is the heart-wrenching doomsday, and just looks pensively around the waiting room; there is nothing special or welcoming, much less kid-friendly — just a haunting silence, four monochromatic walls, some four-legged gray chairs, and the depressing black door...


The countdown Colin knows nothing about is gone, and the morbid news is here: His dad officially died at 11:54 PM, just moments ago taken from his poor, now orphaned son indefinitely, for forever and ever, to speak exactly.

Yes, a meaningless suffering Irreconcilably placed upon a poor six-year-old child innocent of ANY wrongdoing. Yep, it definitely is. Because that assessment’s simply absolute right, indisputable: God didn’t move a finger for helpless little Colin— a fright-filled, unable boy whom, among "His" allegedly "loving" creation, remains yet to be desecrated by the inevitable of human sin— who'd simply wanted his dad to live.

Jesus does not save.


Scenario C [Sherry]: A God-fearing, sweet and innocent teenager is violently raped after a youth group meetup, which took place tonight, 7PM Thursday, at what was her truly pleasant memory-filled lifelong church: St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. It was the same as always tonight, just like every other week before it, nothing at all but the ordinary Thursday weeknight meeting. Ironic as it may perhaps be, it so happens that she herself is the "TEEN CRUSADERS FOR CHRIST ST. MARY MAGDALEN YOUTH GROUP's" Official Leader, and a passionate-as- ever twice-elected one at that. And this meant WHAT, exactly, in regards to tonight? That she, "Scrupulous Sherry" (as her fellow group mates had infamously come to call her, because after she became Head countless initiatives were immediately being done solely in the process to make it more fun and appealing to people their age) had appropriated to her usual task of the "post-meetup" note-take; and therefore, like always, was tonight the last to finally be able to depart, solo, a some thirty or so minutes later. Sherry had not taken a separate route on her walk home, had not been sneaking elsewhere, had not acted unsafely while walking the two-mile radius between home and church. And yet nonetheless, if one were capable of distinguishing the degree of traumatizing horror each rape victims suffers— well, then as of tonight Sherry fits into the worst category. See, Sherry had just unwillingly lost her virginity to that bastard who took advantage of her walking home alone. But why did God let this happen?! Sherry hadn't done anything whatsoever outside the rightful will of God to deserve anything abominable like this. Her love of God had swayed her from integrating herself much with most other teenagers even, tonight having been no different given the meeting, obviously. And she would've never been a victim--it is too noteworthy to not mention indeed--if she had not praised her God just fifteen minutes prior...

Nonetheless, it was two surreal, disconcerting hours later when she was found. Now, a brutalized and confused Sherry recuperates on a hospital stretcher, trapped in a sort of lethargic, paralyzing afterglow. Her fractured ribs and well-bruised, bloodied body leave her only half-conscious, both physically and mentally. Her body limits much nerve movement now (especially given the casts and needles currently saving her), and her distraught, overloaded thoughts feel as those compounding upon her brain. Yes, the nurses are bringing her next painkiller dosage very soon, but nothing can revitalize her purity; no...her sacred virginity is now as valuable as beach debris after a hurricane.

Previously, Sherry thought God wouldn’t ever lead her, such a devout daughter of Christ, near danger. How naive, she pitifully realizes in her torn heart. "God! Why, why, WHY?!" Frustrated beyond reason, she desperately exclaims aloud, "Looking back, I guess I'm a fucking idiot for believing in God— damn myself!!" Sherry NEVER curses, not until now anyway, nor did she ever laugh so hollowly as she unexpectedly does next. A wretch of mirthless cold. Madly, her infuriation mutates the comfort which always secured her as a Christian into scornful regret.

"No more..." Sherry whispers sharply, her epiphany growing great wings. She smiles. Finally she is conscious of the sad fact that her belief in a rudimentary theological philosophy swept her light years from safety. "God is NOT great! He does not wave a fingertip of his superpower in anyone's best interest!" Sherry's whispers may sound nonthreatening, but then this remarkable, uprising realization fully forms within a heartbeat, and she completes her crying declaration. "God is not great!! He’s a being made of all-powerful apathy, not love!”

Alas, this poor seventeen-year old girl becomes a FORMER Crusader for Christ: Sherry sways away from God now and forever— Amen.

Jesus does not save.


Scenario D [A Mysterious Overseer]: Later, the three shockingly ponder, twice upon a time that is, whether their beliefs in God really are pitiful, always were, or if they'd been thinking irrationally. Were they just being impulsive in a mere moment of overbearing weight? Blasphemous, even? Unrighteous in their daring? These apprehensions worry each of them inside for a short moment, but then a magnificent empowerment manifests inside them. And then, though each is in a separate location, unknowingly at once the three proclaim courageously, "NOOOO! IF HE EXISTS, GOD IS THE UNIVERSE'S GREATEST EVIL!!"

The echo carries a vanquishing power from three dissimilar worlds by three suddenly similar characters. Even so, the three aren’t yet aware how close their extraordinary deliverance into Atheism is, nor how far it will take them.

Jesus does not save.


Conclusion: Colin, Sherry, Kyle —They're why I'm an Atheist. Why?

Because Jesus does not save. Period.