May's Malicious Moron: Donald Trump!!


Who could be better than Trump for our latest malicious moron? In his closested bigotry he has re-livened all the birther hysteria these past weeks, so much that 1/4 Americans thinks Obama isn't a real American! Look here as he proliferates the delusional stupidity:

Such slanderous speeches have initiated his now official 2012 Presidential run. I personally suspect, though, that Trump overestimates himself; you think he's gonna walk his fat ass door-to-door in the freezing cold to win votes during the primaries? HA! Nonetheless, he's already made a mockery of himself as of late, considering the White House released Obama's "long-form" birth certificate, as seen here:

Since the entire birther mvoement was, well, trumped by this extra, extra bombshell, Donald has been taking credit for making the "admission" possible. What he neglects to acknowledge is that no real facts EVER suggested that the birthers had any merit. Obama's birth certificate, along with numerous other well-substantiated legal documents, has been readily available for YEARS. Face it, RACIST BIGOTS: President Obama is a natural-born citizen, meaning he was born on American soil, and nothing else. What birthers manipulatively add are "needed" to be natural-born (i.e. both parents being Americans citizens) are unconstitutionally defiled claims. There is nothing but racism perpetuating the birther movement.

Donald Trump, conclusively, is nothing but an amoral, lucrative billionaire out for endless attention and fame. Regardless, I'm sure some of you are nice enough to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Well, believe me, all you readers with an IQ over 0 will see the need to blast Trump, too, after listening to Donald Trump's racist phone call with Foxnews:

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