The True Pagan Origins of Easter

"The True Pagan Origins of Easter"

An Elaboration by Charlotte Schnook

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Heh, I rarely impart my expertise in the comparative religions field on here, so I suppose now is the time. Astarte has many names, my dear, because she is known to many cultures and eras which had differing languages. Some may have known her by: Ashtoreth, Anath, Ishatr, Asherah, Esther, Ashtart, Atirat, Aphrodite, Athtart, Atargatis, Akkadian, Astartu, Etruscan, Uni-Astre. [The list could undoubtedly go on endlessly.] Her eldest form, Ishtar, has been with humanity since about 3000 BC. She was known by the Babylonians, Jews, Romans, Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, etc. Some scholars speculate Ishtar is in fact a bastardization of an even older form: Isis, the great Goddess of North Africa.

Astarte [inexplicable notation] is her Greek version (where she ruled fertility and sexuality). You can find her in the Bible as Asheroth, though many references to her have been reduced by later Greek editors to a false deity; the ancient Jews worshiped her as the lover of El, God himself. She is forever remembered in Proverbs 8, though her name was changed to "wisdom", as to disguise her deity status, for it is apparent she was present at the creation of the world itself. Astarte, in ancient Jerusalem (and in MOST parts of the world) was worshiped at the time when spring and abundance returned to the land after the long cold winter. They appealed to her with sexual rituals and symbols of fertility, urging her to make divine love with her consort God and bring life back to the earth via the copulation act. As you well know, all modern religions are based upon man's primitive understanding of the world made via observation. Early man assumed that the world was a result of divine copulation, just as human life is a result of copulation, but could only observe the life process being a result of femininity, specifically (i.e. the monthly blood flow of a woman ceasing; her belly rounding as she ate more; a flood of womb water as a new life pushes forth through a bleeding hole). For this reason all religions contain the primitive concepts of blood sacrifice, vagina symbolism and water.

Nonetheless, Astarte was systematically wiped out by the Catholic church as it took reign of the world by banning texts, conversion at sword, burning down libraries, overturning temples and murdering practitioners of the old religions. Try as they might, the people still superstitiously stuck to their rituals, for the rites which mimicked nature herself made more sense than a book about a male deity whom often disregarded the very life and nature he claimed to have created. It was under Pope Leo in 800 AD, in agreement with Charlemagne, the leader of the inland Western European tribes, that the Church agreed to allow the pagans to keep some of their rituals if they could be absorbed into orthodoxy and reinterpreted as Christian; in return Charlemagne would deliver the land under Christian control. Hence, since 800 AD Astarte's holiday became Christian. And the Church succeeded so well in white-washing the holidays that modern Christians don't know that the history of it makes Jesus' death tradition IMPOSSIBLE. A Roman or Jew would never have crucified a human being on the great Goddess' moon phase of holy days. If they shed blood on that day it would curse their own fertility for seven years and furthermore - it could discourage Asheroth from making love to El and that could cast the entire world into eternal winter!

And so it is - Christians go to church, come home and paint their eggs, hiding them about the green leafy foliage, encouraging their children to run out and collect the symbols of fertility, while munching on the aphrodisiac of chocolate, cherries and wine-flavored candies - never realizing the extreme sexual significance of the ritual. The shit humans do without realizing it because of their ignorance of history is simply incredible. The same Christians whom scream about protecting kids from sex don't realize they just doped their own kids up on sexual urges Easter Sunday: they induced foods and ran them about to collect symbols of copulation. We do highly insane sexual shit to our kids all the time without realizing it - simply look at the history of circumcision. You can't get more idiotic than cutting off a significant part of your son's penis because Ra did it 8,000 years ago to gain birthing powers from which he formed Ammiu. Yes, my Christian readers, that IS why you do it. The Jews took it from the Egyptians, it was a rite of passage ritual to increase male fertility, born of primitive superstition...THAT is why you mutilate your children, out of ignorance! This is WHY it's important you educate yourself on your religion BEFORE you accept its rituals blindly.