Atheists Concerned for America: Adam and Eve—VICTIMS of God's Eternal Apathy



"The Fairy Tale of Adam and Eve, Creation, and Original Sin: Nonsensical, Manipulative Christian Pretexts"

By Jordan "BluntJoey" Adorno

Christians uphold the Biblical account of the Universe's creation in which God makes the first human, Adam, last in the reflection of "His" own image. This creation story, featured in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, follows a six-day, primitive sequence where God creates a different category of things each day (i.e. light one day, animals another, sea, land etc.). Sanctimoniously, loyal Christians believe this elementary creation story, which tediously begins, centers and ends on Earth, is a serious explanation of God creating the Universe. To briefly summarize the context which is necessary here, according to the Genesis text, the first two humans on Earth, Adam and Eve, lived in a special paradise in the Garden of Eden until they betrayed their god's one and only command: they ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and thereby commissioned the 'original sin'. In brutal consequence, Adam and Eve lost their home in Paradise and were exiled to the world of hardship that we live in today. In simplified terms, ALL successive human beings are imprinted with Adam and Eve's "original sin", which like overbearing cancer indefinitely forces humans to endure the constant sufferings of a mundane, not paradisaical, living world...

But guess what, Christians? The "Genesis" timeline dates back 6,000 years, making its creation claims preposterous, not to mention that the Bible makes one humongous contradiction in Deuteronomy 24:16: “Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin." Uh, what? Even if one analyzes Genesis as a hypothetical inquiry without having any scientific knowledge, this logic precludes the Bible's credence before one can even reach its countless, laughable pseudoscientific claims: nothing imperfect can manifest from something perfect, so GOD, not humanity, is the imperfect origin of evil and error.

Furious Christians should suspend their rabid anger, confusion, reluctance, denial, intolerant accusations, all of their wrathful feelings for science altogether, because regardless the truth remains so: Throughout 2,000 years, Christianity’s overpower robbed the world of rationale, intellect, logical reasoning, and even caused the murders of millions upon millions! (For instance, Hitler was a Roman Catholic, of the elite devout among world leaders of his time, blessing prospects in God’s name during his speeches and secretly working ALONGSIDE the Vatican.) And thus, Science happened to become a victimized field of study because of the Bible's many problematic, highly inflammatory divides with it.

Demonstratively, the following proves the Bible has no scientific validity: firstly, in Christianity’s story of creation (as accounted in the first book of the Bible, Genesis) light is a phenomena of two forms, one for the day and one for the night (Genesis 1: 3-19); in reality, it's commonly known light cannot exist without a sun, that it’s constantly singular a phenomenon whose impact becomes substantially blocked at nighttime because of the moon (as any first grader knows it, sadly); secondly, it centerpieces the Earth, and claims its creation preceded the rest of the entire universe, which embarrassingly conflicts with scientific FACTS (not just "theories") proving the universe formed exactly opposite to that in Genesis; thirdly, Genesis’ prototype human, Adam, spontaneously birthed from dust, then derived Eve from one of Adam's ribs consecutively, though in absolute FACT Evolution traces human beings' most recognizable, essential form back approximately 3.2 million years. All this exemplifies how essential scientific principles are wrongfully disregarded, mocked, unsought, and prematurely challenged by Bible standards, causing Christians’ disbelief in anything contradicting their principle.

These three fallacies point to modern-day's misfortunate societal denial, and credibly dispute the absurd claims of “Genesis” and its various accounts of Jehovah’s omnipresence and mightiness that begin at the penetrative creation: God, without specific explanation, declares 'Let there be light' and begins creating the world day-by-day in his pseudo-scientific, reality-reversed sequence, finishing on the sixth day with the creation of Adam in His divine "own image." Science obviously parts ways as Genesis' illogical disputation becomes more and more far-fetched with “God's” every word:

1. Adam is miraculously formed at God's imperious blowing of dust into a replication of His own divine being, which places Adam above all other creations.

2. In turn, Adam's habitat is the Garden of Eden, a completely perfect paradise.

3. God assigns him the duty of naming ALL of Earth's animals, the millions upon millions of species, evidently (Genesis 2:18), which meaninglessly writes off human progress for the illiterates' sake, replacing profoundness with the flaws covering Genesis's primitive, hole-gaping "historic" account.

4. Eventually, Adam becomes underwhelmed (in paradise?) by loneliness and mortal wishes, so God heeds to Adam, who is sleeping soundly, by peculiarly transfiguring one of Adam’s ribs into a female companion—Eve.

5. Eve, explicitly, is a secondary creation, rather less extraordinary than the craftsmanship of an equal masterpiece also in God's image, despite the seemingly apparent visual equality between male-to-female contrasts; overlying is her purpose only to counterpart Adam in a paradise whose grandiosity cannot be appreciated alone.

Incidentally, how, therefore, could Eve have been an equal creation?

You see, it’s monumental to the story that Eve doesn't come REMOTE of standing equal next to Adam. No, undoubtedly she resolves to live as Adam's inferior, having birthed from his rib while he more phenomenally was blown of dust into God’s extraordinary reflection. Indeed, religiously speaking, Christians thereon accept Adam as the forthcoming Father of Humanity, he whom was created sacredly in "God's image", whereas Eve is accepted as the evil Mother of Humanity—the originally unplanned creation tricked by Satan into indirectly destroying Paradise for everyone. After all, it's even almost entirely guessable that everything's going to hit the fan once God introduces Eve and their new harmony together, because it's not without this very explicit warning: Relish in every part of your Eden paradise, but absolutely do NOT eat fruit from The Tree of Knowledge...

Subsequently, Adam and Eve enjoyed Eden for an unspecified but seemingly solid amount of time without nonsense about the Forbidden Tree; destructively, eventually this fourth, unknown variable enters the scene, molesting them like the two were characters in a tragic play rather than two innocents in an allegedly "perfect" paradise: The second most powerful being in existence, Satan—the antithesis to all that is good and Godly—slithers right through the, uh, front door [?] in characterization of the snake slyly! And through this surreptitious masquerade, Lucifer's inconceivable intention to bring forth Adam and Eve's doom is successful. Alas. Yet God in all his omniscience of the past, present, future, and in all his omnipotent superpower, never once intervened before, during, or after to HELP Adam and Eve, His newborn prototypes defenseless against evil...

And of course, inevitably they do become victims throughout a series of abnormal, impractical consequences. Notwithstanding, Christianity brings me headache-leaving confusion, powdering my thoughts into fluttering dust pathetically, as “Genesis” progresses to God’s overdramatized, apocalyptic reaction that remarkably punishes Adam and Eve—and, as the thesis points, founds their victim identities in all ACTUALITY: If the Garden of Eden is paradise, why would God falter it with the tree's placement in the first place, especially when something as usual as a tree hardly could be taken seriously as something evil and hazardous? Would they really even understand a technical definition of evil and deception? Obviously not. They have no grasps on its existence, so why leave your children in endangerment at all, considering most parents would never put their newborns in any kind of remote challenge of danger, would they? If God is the Supreme Being, his love must be indescribably greater than all of ours combined, and yet He cannot have the decency to ensure the "front door" is closed to the Paradise of Garden of Eden so that SATAN can't be let in?! Apparently not...

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the sole thing off-limits to Adam and Evil, is essentially Eden’s single-handled but ultimately all-reckoning anathema. It freshly holds the devastating fruit forbidden which Eve, then Adam too, eventually eat—sinning alas. Thereafter, God casts down the severest punishment thinkable for their willful ignorance of the declarative forewarning about the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge: noticing that they disobediently now recognize their own nakedness, God overrules them with an extreme consequence, commanding [in paraphrase], "Because you disobeyed and ate from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, you and ALL your ancestors are now BANISHED from Paradise! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." Yes, even though only Adam and Eve can truly be held responsible for eating from the Forbidden Tree (obviously), the Bible makes plain that due to their actions we as their living ancestors are forced to experience the pain and hardship of the mundane world around us...

It's Preschool-level storytelling in all reality, SO nonsensical overall—not to mention one of the most sexist pieces of literature ever written.

At culmination, the scourged perception of Eve is resentfully that of the first "helper" to men, the Mother of Sin, and the defective "prototype" of human femininity. In contrast, the general perception of Adam rests somehow half-dignified still as that of the Father of Humanity, the prototype of human masculinity, and most of all, the original superior human life form second only to God in value (being "His image" and all). So whereas Eve is vilified and faulted for making Paradise lost, Adam's image harbors at least minor respect in the eye of the modern Jew/Christian/Muslim. It doesn't matter which of these "Abrahamic" religions one follows; universally fundamental in the theologies of Islam, Christianity and, at the very least, Orthodox Judaism are incendiary paradigms which “Genesis” undeniably passed on, societal models such as: “the Universe’s creation”, "the natures and qualities of 'God' (HE the All-Powerful, HE the All-Omniscient, HE the All-Wrathful, HE the monotheistic ruler etc.)", "Original Sin”, or, no less revoltingly, “women’s inferior role as men's helpers"—and that's just naming a short few. So with that and the rest in mind, it's absolutely PREPOSTEROUS how Christians audaciously suggest that their god is just and "loving", obviously. As a matter of fact, such an ill-conceived, ghastly claim is dismissible at very beginning mention!

First, God doomed his first innocent, vulnerable children into the hardship of a primitive Earth for a less-than-nonexistent crime. Second, now he's making everyone pay for two people eating an apple 4,000-6,000 years ago with the misery of our world! That undeniably proves “Yahweh” is an unjust and cruel-spirited deity of not one selfless or mildly moral intention. People, plain and simple, should seriously consider applying their thinking caps to re-evaluate this story for the travesty of what it is, especially new and still mostly clean-slated Christian parents. I recommend everyone moral ask themselves if they personally could do nothing when their own newborn offspring desperately needed imminent protection from only the most dangerous evil force ever, Satan (only from the Devil and all); if they would willingly allow any bit of harm to reside in their homes; if they would treat their daughters as subhuman (which, unfortunately, millions do in direct homage); if they would preemptively punish all future generations of human beings (currently nonexistent people, in other words) to live lives of toil and suffering. Yes, with all due respect believers and nonbelievers alike, would YOU honestly find it at all justifiable to torment ALL future human civilization with the world of hardship that we know today over something as stupid as eating an apple?!?!?!