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About Me

(To see more shots of me, check out, under stuff Kelly likes)
Hi, and welcome to Polka Page! First thank you for visiting, I hope you come back soon.

My name is Matt Adams. I live in Yorba Linda, Ca. I am 6 feet,14 years old,and a vegetarian. I attend the Orange County High School of the Arts(OCHSA. My shoe size is 13, and drive a...... I don't drive anything.I usually can be recognized by my art ability,height,and knowledge of the entire cast of Gilligan's Island. I have been playing clarinet for going on five years now. I am an excellent kazoo player as well. My first Al experience was at the Sun Theater in Anaheim Ca. on 3/3/00, the same show Offspring visited. I didn't know what to expect at an Al concert since it was my first concert ever. At the time, I had a few of his cds and from them I could tell how fantastic Al was. I had previously performed in front of my middle school peers "The Saga Begins" with an authentic jedi outfit and an alien band. When my friend and I arrived at the Sun Theater there was a small line forming, and we eagerly ran to join it. As we were let inside the building, we saw a sign saying "The Sun Theater proudly welcomes "Weird Al" Yankovic. By now I was so excited I was about to wet my pants. My friend and I rushed to the head of the stage. I had paid extra for the tickets to be near the stage and to meet Al. I brought along a few quick sketched drawings for Al in case I got a chance to give them to him. When the show finally started after the stand-up comedian, I was completely taken by surprise by the superb lighting, video clips, and other effects. When he strode on stage towards his audience, my purpose for living was fulfilled. Since then I have performed "Dare to Be Stupid", "All About the Pentiums","Like a Surgeon", "Free Delivery", and more. And well, I think I'm too much of a fan. Is perming my hair,watching UHF hourly, and making Al's birthday a religious holiday going too far?