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We are not who we say we are. I bet you're really fucking shocked by that, aren't you?

This is nothing more than a game with a bunch of people trying to have a little fun. We are not in any way affiliated with the celebrities we portray or anyone remotely connected to them.

We do this for fun in our spare time and make no money from it.

(The following was written by Craven Moorehead and is used with expressed consent) We believe that these journals are in no way libellous as there is no malicious intent, and no intent to misinform fellow roleplayers or anyone who may read the journal. We also believe that this constitutes "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Law. These journals are nonprofit and meant as a commentary on a public image and not meant to use that public image for any personal gain.

Look! It's a FAQ. These are fun.

Original FAQ written by 'Craven Moorehead', this one heavily adapted by 'Ben Affleck'. (He swears a fuck of a lot more.)

Wow! Are you really [insert celebrity here]?!?! I LUV U!!!11 U R SOOO HAWT!!1
Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but no. If you already know this and want to play along, thatís fine. Just make sure that you know and remember that youíre not really talking to a celebrity.

How dare you make [insert celebrity here] gay?! You sick, twisted bastard!
Hey now. Itís a fucking game. A lot of us are into slash. Slash is male/male or female/female couples. So itís natural that our celebrities will end up going that route. Weíre not saying that theyíre gay/bi/questioning/what-the-fuck-ever in reality. We know they probably arenít. Weíre just having fun. Donít like our kind of fun? Donít read our journals.

Youíre sick! You need help! And a life!
First off, fuck you. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. But seriously. Weíve all heard this several times. Several. It really doesnít phase us anymore. So donít waste your time and energy telling us how wrong we are for doing this. Itís a game, itís a lot of fucking fun. We like it, we have enjoy ourselves. As stated said above; donít like us? Donít read us. Itís that simple.

I wanna play! Can I play? Please? Can I? Can I?
If you really want to play, you can fucking play. Find a celebrity youíre interested in and can follow a bit. Get established. Make a journal, meet, greet, get to know people. Post often. Be interesting. Be active. Be sure to visit the pages linked at the bottom of this one. Itís really quite easy.

The celebrity I want to play already has a journal! What the fuck am I supposed to do now?
Youíre just shit out of luck. Once a celebrity has established themselves and been acclimated, theyíre in the game. Double journals are as annoying as all fucking hell. Find someone else to play, there are still tons of celebs that donít have representation. Iím sure thereís bound to be someone youíd like to play that hasnít been taken.

Damn it, everyone good is taken! Fuck you all!
Christ, be unique. Itís not that hard. Thereís a dog thatís smarter than most college professors. There are ferrets, cats, an Oscar, etcetera. If someone can be an animal or an award and make it interesting, chances are you can make a damn interesting human.

Can you add me to Studio 54 right now?
Sorry kids, it's not that easy. Don't IM, e-mail, comment to, or otherwise annoy the hell out of Ben, asking for admission into the community. He only adds the people he's told to add. He will not add people who ask him personally. To be added to the community, you must be recced. People with reccability for 54 are as follows; Ryan Phillippe, Amanda Latona, Cole Hauser, Elijah Wood, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cameron Diaz, Benicio Del Toro, and Kevin Richardson. Ask them nicely to rec you and they probably will. Don't annoy/hound them. It's not nice. You are only eligible for reccing if your journal has been in existence a week or more and you have more than three entries. This is in an effort to keep the amount of "dead journals" to a minimum.

What's with those square bracket things?
Square brackets denote OOC (out of character). Get it? Good, now use them as fucking sparingly as you can.

Anything else, you bastard?
Yeah. The most important rule of role-playing. Always keep in mind that this is a game. Thatís all it is. If another celebrity hates your celebrity, that does not mean that the person playing them hates you. Donít let in character fights affect you out of character. Fuck around, have fun. Just donít take it to heart, or it can really fuck you up.

The following links are on the MBP disclaimer page and were not written by Ben.

MBP (and 54) User Manual- Tips, guidelines, etcetera.

Celeb List- A list of journals involved in the game. (Keep in mind that there may be journals not yet listed, so make sure you look thoroughly.)

Community Rules- Rules for posting in the MBP community that also go for Studio 54. Please note that these are only for community posting and that your personal celebrity journal is your own playground.