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Rica Peralejo: Bathing and baring  

Source: ManilaTimes

Rica Peralejo is definitely one of the hottest stars in showbiz today. And her frequent casting in movies one after the other is a strong proof that she has reached true stardom.

The former young charmer has gone a long way since her Ang TV days, in which she was part of the cool, teenybopper gang. It was a perfect avenue for the young actress to showcase her singing, dancing, and comic skills.

Later on, Rica found herself in love team roles, a normal route for teen stars. She was first paired with Red Sternberg in the original GMA 7 brat pack show TGIS (Thank God, Itís Friday), and then with Bojo Molina who also became her real life sweetheart.

Early this year, Rica shifted gears and surprised people with her decision to accept more daring roles. She bared her breasts in a love scene with Jay Manalo in the film Balahibong Pusa. Though she co-starred with sexy actress Joyce Jimenez in the movie, many still believed that the film hit the box office because of Ricaís transformed movie character.

Since then, Rica was branded as a young bold starĖno longer the sweet girl known just a few years back.

Despite her new image on the screen, Rica still proves to be as wholesome as any teen star. She talks well and is very articulate in English though she has stopped schooling early (after second year high school) for her movie career.

But with all her success in show business, Rica still, is one hot star with a humble heart. Sheís willing in fact, to stay on the phone for an interview to help a writer like us beat our deadline. For her latest movie under Viva films, Rica is now shooting Dos Ekis with Mark Anthony Fernandez under Erik Mattiís direction (this was a few weeks before her Banyo Queen with Andrew E was shown).

It was Matti who launched Joyce Jimenez into bold stardom via Scorpio Nights 2, and it is thus hard to doubt that Dos Ekis will be a movie meant for the entire family.

AB:         How does it feel to work for the first time with Mark Anthony Fernandez?

RP: Actually, though itís our first time to work together in a movie, weíve already worked together before as guests in the ABS-CBN 2 show, Palibhasa Lalake. Well, itís nice to work with him again.

AB:         Have you noticed any changes in him (Mark Anthony) since the first time you worked together?

RP:         Heís more mature now. Mas concentrated na siya sa trabaho níya ngayon kesa noon. Before kasi, bata pa siya at wala naman siyang dagok sa buhay. Now he treats his work as a blessing from God.

AB:         What is your role in the movie?

RP:         A stripper, parang si Demi Moore in one of her movies. I play a woman who doesnít believe in love. My character believes that love is just an excuse to have sex and money.

AB:         Did you see yourself in that character?

RP:         No. I have my own beliefs and nothing could change it. It can happen to other people, but I donít think it can happen to me.

AB:         Did you have to tell Bernard Palanca about whatís happening in your career?

RP:         I make kuwento. Itís just like two friends making kuwento of what happened in during day. Heís the only person that I trust to make kuwento these things but that doesnít mean I have to make paalam everything.

AB:         There were talks that Victoria London will also be promoted by Viva as a sexy star. Do you think she will affect your career?

RP:         No. In the first place, I donít think Iím competing with anyone. I just see the challenge on things to come, not with the people. There will always be something and somebody who will be better than me. I have to keep up with that. Iím not scared of anything or anyone. I know my strengths and I put a lot of effort so that people will remember me. I have my own talent and I do things that others cannot do.

AB:         Like what?

RP:         Like Iím versatile. Whether you put me into singing, dancing, acting or whatever, I can do all of these. You tell me to bare, go sexy, or portray dramatic, wholesome, or comedy rolesĖI can do all of those.

AB:         Are you happy with the way your career is going? ut yo     V

RP:         Very happy. If thereís a word more than happy, thatís what I am.

AB:         What about your sexy image, are you happy with it?

RP:         Yes, very. It helps me a lot as a person. It gives me the confidence that I can do many things and people will not disrespect me for it.

AB:         Did you ever regret having gone sexy in some of your movies?

RP:         No, and Iíll never ever regret it. More often than not, it helped me a lot.

AB:         There is always this question of what will you bare next time. Are you aware of this mentality of the audience?

RP:         Well, I guess Iím doing a good job on that. As what they can see now, Iíve been doing different from the past roles that Iíve done. I mean, where can you see someone who goes sexy and then goes to action drama, then goes to comedy and then sexy again? I mean, I can keep it up. The viewers watch me not only for what I can bare or I bared more but of what I can do.

AB:         Was there an instance that you were nabastos because of your sexy image?

RP:         Never and thatís what Iím very proud of. Admittedly, guys look up to me more now. I earned more guy fans.

AB:         Do you think you would not have achieved lead star status had you not gone bold in the movies?

RP:         Well, yes maybe, maybe not. I canít tell. God has his own way and I donít want to mess around. If He wants me this way, then Iíll be like this. If He wants me to go this far only, then itís okay. Iím already contented with that. But itís all up to Him. My only part is to work hard for everything just so I deserve everything that I get.

AB:         What has changed in your lifestyle ever since you went sexy in the movies?

RP:         I think itís more of hindi na ako nakakalabas. I donít have time for anything anymore except for my work and I think people around me especially those who are close to me have to more understanding because I donít get to give them enough time anymore.

AB:         How do you feel at the planned 100 percent in tax among the celebrities?

RP:         Well, of course I feel bad because of the tax cuts. Itís hard to work for money, and itís hard to accept that a large amount will be deducted from your hard-earned pay. But if it were going be for the countryís welfare, then I would not complain about it.

AB:         Are you affected by the so-called crisis in the industry? In what way are you affected?

RP:         Affected in a way that Iím just worried because I can see a lot of potential in this business. I mean, I can see a lot of people who can make us proud that we are Filipinos. Our talent will always prevail and sayang naman if this industry goes down. There will be so much wasted talent.

AB:         Letís change topic. What is your favorite nook in the house?

RP:         My banyo talaga because in the banyo I can do anything. I mean I can even write there, stay there for many hours and then sometimes, when Iím lonely I cry it all out there. The fact that it makes me clean everyday, that makes me happy.

AB:         What do you enjoy doing in your personal place?

RP:         Just relax because lately, wala na akong masyadong time. Minsan tulog na lang tinitipid ko pa. I do sound trip with my CDs, MPs, watch TV, dance and sing. When no oneís looking I also pray in every corner of my room.

AB:         Do you have a fetish? What is it?

RP:         For things, clean banyos. Sa lalaki, yung guys who can get away with slippers, meaning, they have very nice and clean feet.

AB:         When you have your own free time, how do you pamper yourself?

RP:         I stay in my bathroom, stay in the bathtub. I relax. I scrub a lot. I do everything to relax myself because Iím too much of a hyper person.

AB:         How do you manage to maintain your beautiful complexion?

RP:         Wala. I donít have a secret. Siguro itís just a matter of being clean. Iím blessed with the skin I have.

AB:         What scares you?

RP:         The dark, ghosts, ipis and people who have bad intentions. Iím scared also of what tomorrow will bring. Iím scared of being alone and growing up alone.

AB:         What was the craziest thing you did in the past?

RP:         Iím always crazy. I played tricks and jokes on people. But I only do these to people Iím close with; people that I know will not get pikon. Sometimes I joke with a straight face and they think itís true and sometimes I make them worry.

AB:         Do you believe in marriage?

RP:         Of course, thatís every girlís dream, to get married and walk down the aisle.

AB:         Do you think a celebrity couple should marry in style?

RP:         I think couples not only celebrities should marry each other the way they want to because this is not about other people and a show for other people. This is about the two of you. So if you want it simple, you shouldnít be ashamed about it kahit na artista ka pa. You shouldnít be dyahe that youíre marrying in a simple way.

AB:         What about living-in?

RP:         Maybe when youíre too old already and it is still not in your plans I guess it will be okay. But how my family brought me up, I donít think they will allow that to happen in my house. I donít think Iíll allow that to happen to myself.

AB:         When it comes to dating, is it okay that you also pay the bill?

RP:         Of course, hindi na uso yung puro lalaki ang nagso-shoulder ng bill. Hanga ako sa lalaki na siya ang nago-offer palagi because itís being a gentleman. I just want to to show them also na I want to share. Minsan thatís a way of showing the person that you enjoy his company so you got to treat him.

AB:         Has it happened to you na you shouldered the bill?

RP:         It happened to me already. Iím also sharing the bill, minsan I make una in paying the bill. Minsan I buy little things for the person. Itís a way of showing your affection.

AB:         Who is the Rica Peralejo that we do not know?

RP:      Whatís you see in the TV is who I really am. The usual kikay, madaldal, masayahin. But I guess what you donít see in me is when Iím home from work, when I cry because Iím really tired, when I feel my body just canít stand too much pressure anymore, canít get up anymore; when I canít smile so much because there something painful really going inside of me. It can be emotional or physical



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