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archives: November / December 2002
- Dec 12
>> Orlando is 2002's 6th most searched male actor on the web. Congratulations! :)
>> He is on the cover of December's TV Hits
>> Article: Guide to 'The Two Towers' Characters from Yahoo!

- Dec 7
>> A big gallery update today!
>> A beautiful new artwork submitted by Alexandra: [view it here]. View other Legolas fan art here.
>> Added a gallery with 18 impressive pics from the Italian Vogue and from YM here, including this and this very hot pic! (thanks to the Bag End Inn)
>> Eight other new pics: [one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight]
>> Added this pic to the Kelly Gang gallery. - Dec 5
>> The TTT trailer and ads for the game are now showing in Australian TV!
>> Added a few responses to Legolas' mother
>> This poster is in this month's TV Hits poster special:

>> Have we all seen Orli's new look? Do we like it?
>> Udpated my art site once again, with two new sketches.
>> Orli's going to be in a movie called Troy.
>> Topps TTT collectable cards scans can be seen here, at the Bag End Inn and here, at TORn.
>> The Chili Peppers' concert ROCKED! :) :)
>> I'm on holidays now so I'll be updating more often! Come back soon because I'll be uploading over 20 new pics and a fan art contribution. If you have news, scans, pics or art to add to this site, please e-mail me with it!

- Nov 27
>> The Red Hot Chili Peppers are gonna have their concert in Sydney THIS Friday!!!!!!!
>> Sorry about the huge lack of updates, but I finished my exams a few weeks ago and I'm don't want to do anything. I updated my art site with 2 new pics though, and you can see it here.

- Nov 10
>> Hi! I have exams on Monday, so, naturally, I'm updating the site to get away from studying.
>> Orlando Multimedia has pictures from the set of Orlando's upcoming movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. Looks very impressive!
>> The Herald Sun from Melbourne says that The Kelly Gang will be released under the title "Ned Kelly". To believe or not to believe?
>> The BagEndInn has some really cool LoTR coins here and A LOT of TTT pics (not all Legolas) here including pictures of bookmarks.
>> 2 new Decipher cards here.
>> New gallery with 11 new photos! see it here. Some of them are from OrlandoMultimedia.

- Nov 4
>> I got Big Hit! It DOES have 8 LOTR posters: two HUGE ones, 4 large ones and 2 A4 ones. One of the A4 ones is of Legolas.
It also has 5 pages of info and I've scanned 4 of those pages + to cover here:

front cover

Exclusive Orli interview

>> Updated encounters, Other guys we love and other books we love. Don't forget to visit these pages and submit your opinions!

- Nov 3
>> Remember those pics I posted below? I have bigger copies of them now and they can all be found in the new gallery here. Thanks to Full Bloom
>> And another photo here which looks very, very nice. :)
>> Lucy says that this month's Big Hit has 8 LOTR posters. I'm not sure yet, but if it does, I'm buying it and I'll scan it for you.
>> You can win one of 5 Orlando-signed LoTR:FoTR DVD covers from Dolly, and this is what you have to do: (I think you have to be living in Australia)
Write in 25 words or less why you want it. Send to: Dolly/Orlando Bloom Contest GPO Box 5527, Sydney, NSW 1181 by November 8
>> Article from Teen People magazine, taken from the BagEndInn:

>> Article and very good looking photo from Marie Claire here, thanks to OrlandoMultimedia.
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