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archives: may 2002
- May 29
>> 11 new pics found by Autumn! = pic 1 / pic 2 / pic 3 / pic 4 / pic 5 / pic 6 / pic 7 / pic 8 / pic 9 / pic 10 / pic 11 =
>> From TV Hits: Spotlight on Orlando Bloom and a picture. Thanks to Toni!
>> Updated my art site.
- May 26
>> I've discovered bits of my old Legolas pages, and I've changed around some links so they are now sort of part of this site. I found: The Legolas galleries!!
>> Those old pages have also been used for my films page. There is now a short description availabe for some films.
>> I've added some responses to Legolas's mother. Thanks, and keep the ideas coming!
>> Got an award from The Ring Awards!! Thanks to the people from that site!
- May 24
>> I've got exams on in about a week... Don't get too impatient if I don't update as much... :(
>> Got two pics from Lucy: =pic 1=pic 2=
>> Added some stuff to Other guys we luv.
>> Short interview from here
>> There are new Legolas Decipher cards. (I found out from Nice cards, especially the first one!! :) =one=two=three=
- May 17
>> Added 3 pics to the new gallery: Gallery 15
>> Orlando came 25th in Australia's 'Who Weekly' top 25. I'm not sure of what issue it is... There's a page pic in it and a little bit of writing.
>> I've fixed the articles page so now every article will bring you to a proper link saved on my (angelfire's) server. May not seem like much, but it took a long time! Please e-mail me if you find any broken links.
>> Who are the other guys you like aside from Orli? List them here, in a new little addition to the site!
>> Please visit my new affiliates, the top two over to the left. Precious Blues was added late, due to my forgetfulness, but it's there now, and if you're an Elijah fan, you've gotta visit it!
- May 9
>> Since I haven't updated in a while, and there's not much Orli news going round, I've added a lotta photos [27, I think] to the galleries! They are:
= gallery 11 / gallery 13 / gallery 14 = Have fun!
>> And I got another award,
- May 5
>> Wow, sorry everyone, I haven't updated here in a while... Been busy with homework. I also made some little additions, and though they may not interest you, they are the awards and disclaimer pages. The older April news has gone into the April archives
>> The article from Teen People Magazine =here=, thanks to Curly!
>> You might have seen by now, the newly released (and really funny) photo of Heath Ledger in his beard as Ned Kelly. It's here if you haven't seen it, from the Sydney Morning Herald.
>> Rumors have already been going around about that beard, and here's one of them, from the Daily Digest:
"Yesterday, DH had a link to Heath Ledger's hideous beard. Today they have an interesting rumor: "Universal execs apparently requested that Heath Ledger shave his beard [Cleo's note: presumably because pre-teen girls will find it disgusting. Or anyone, for that matter] for the role despite Gregor Jordan's explanation that Ned Kelly is not a fictional character. When Heath was asked directly to shave it, he allegedly replied that the beard stays on or he walks!"
>> More on The Kelly Gang. Some interesting info. =read article here= It's a screen cap taken directly and shamefully from it's source, Moviehole.
>> Also, got two new affiliates, visit them! (They're over to the left of the page)
- May 1
>> Article: Watts runs with 'Kelly' gang in Aussie biopic. Australian actress Naomi Watts joins the cast for the Kelly Gang. From Yahoo!
>> You can now watch the Gap commercial (which Orlando's in), thanks to TORN!! Click here to watch it! I'll get you screencaps sometime soon, when I'm less busy with homework.
>> As usual, the new Dolly magazine has a page poster of Orlando. I think they do it every month to get people to buy it. Who can resist?
>> Updated the page Who was Legolas's Mum?
>> Like the new pic on the splash page?
>> This site has won it's first ever award! Thanks to e l i t e m e n !!
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