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archives: march 2002
- March 25
>> Working on a prettier layout, this one's getting too grey. Site might be down sometime in the next day, but if it is, it will be up again by the 26th.
- March 24
>> Got the Lord of The Rings show bag from the Sydney Royal Easter show. ($16.50) It comes with: the Ring, an Elven Brooch, Frodo's cloak and sting, bow and suction cap arrows. (Yes, yes, that's me, just edited a bit to make it look better.)
>> New affiliate
- March 22
>> 4 new pics from the Green Cross Millenuim Awards, thanks to wireimage: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 >
>> Galleries 8 and 9 are up!
- March 20
>> NED KELLY: exact date of when shooting wil begin: April 29, 2002 by director Gregor Jordan. He will also be in another movie, 'The Calcium Kid' (what an odd name) < Read the whole article here
>> New affiliates:
- March 19
>> I have bigger copies of all (but the 7th) pictures posted on March 13 from wireimage. Nice big copies! If you couldn't be bothered scrolling down for them, here they are: < one / two / three / four / five / six / eight >
>> Also, a ninth picture from the Screen Actors Guild Awards!
>> Article fron TORN. Nothing we don't know, but it's nice to post it anyway :)
>> Article that Lucy (elvenmuggle) found and I scanned. It might be old, because it was from a copy of In Style Magazine that isn't so recent, but I haven't seen it before. Pretty interesting. < see it here >
>> New affiliates: and joined:
- March 16
>> Empire Magazine, scans from here
>> OZ: good news from TORN, about the TTT tralier, we're getting it on March 29, four whole minutes of it!!! they have some details here
>> Plz take the time to visit my new affiliates: (the second one especially. She added me and I forgot to add her. Sorry!!!)

>> woohoo, I'm now the proud keeper of the '13 from Orli's birthday! :)
- March 15
>> Galleries 5, 6, and 7 are up!
>> Please sign the guestbook, it's feeling sad and lonely :(. Also, any contributions or offers are very welcome, especially news, new pics, fan art and affiliate offers. < send stuff > Thanks!
- March 13
>> 8 new pics from the Screen Actors Guild Awards! < one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight > Thanks to wireimage!
>> I checked IMDB lately and looked up 'Ali G in Da House', which, if you don't know already, WAS supposed to have Orlando Bloom in it. yes, WAS. I don't think he'll be in it anymore, he isn't in the cast list. (NOOO!)
- March 9/10
>> added affiliates:

>> article from TORn here.
>> OZ: April issue of Girlfriend has some little pics of Orli, and an A4 page pic. Big hit and Dolly have a few little thingies as well, but nothing big. < Orli and Billy / Orli and Elijah >
>> joined some fanlistings
- March 7
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>> Exclusive pics to Always and Forever Elijah Wood and to this site from the Australian premier!! < Billy , Dominic , Orli (his back :( ) , Elijah >
- March 5
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- March 4
>> Orlando to be in an upcoming movie, 'Ned Kelly', with Heath Ledger. Not much info yet, but I've found one site with some here. He'll most probably be coming to Australia for filming, and god, I hope he does...
>> He also mentioned this movie in a recent talk show, 'So! Graham Norton' which is summarised here, thanks to TORn.
>> Two new pics, < 1 / 2 >
- March 3
>> Joined cliques and fanlistings:

>> Added galleries 3 and 4 today.
- March 1
>> UK: Orlando will be on 'So Graham Norton' on Friday.
>> OZ: BAFTAs will be on tomorrow, 9:30pm on ABC. Catch Orli there!
>> Currently working on galleries. I'll be putting up at least 4 very soon, maybe even today. Sorry about the lack of pics in this site, but I got no time to put them all in, and I don't think there's FTP on angelfire. But I'll do my best :)
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