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Orlando Bloom gallery index over 450 photos!

Miscellaneous galleries
Misc I [12]
Misc II [16]
Misc III [17]
Misc IV [17]
Misc V [22]
Misc VI [17]
Misc VII [19]
Misc VIII [19] recently updated!

Black and white photos
Black and White I [16]
Black and White II [4]

The FOTR Premier [30]
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The suit [13]

Critics Choice Awards I [13]
Critics Choice Awards II [14]
Screen Actors Guild and Green Cross Millenium Awards 2002 [16]

From articles and interviews
Random articles and interviews I [18]
Random articles and interviews II [17]
E!'s Sizzlin' 16 interview [15]
Interview from [5]

From a photo shoot [8]

Green and Red [17]

From the Italian Vogue and YM magazines [18] new!

Orlando/Legolas related products [5]
Legolas trading cards and posters [8]


The Lord of The Rings Legolas Photos:
The Fellowship of the Ring
FoTR Legolas Galleries [24]
Another Legolas gallery [8]
The Two Towers
The Two Towers I [15]
The Two Towers II [14]
The Two Towers III [11]

The Kelly Gang [7]

Black Hawk Down @ Orlando Bloom Central!

from the filming of The Calcium Kid [12]

Total so far: 452