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Hey! I'm one of many team leaders of CabalArticles, a global article writing collective. We can post in Spanish and English for international web visitors, and are on the market for content building for your web-site. Down the page you can find my curriculum vitae, and you may be able to read other team leaders and writers' resumes on this web-site. At the end of my curriculum vitae, you are going to discover some illustrations of our written posts. For work queries, you should reach us using the contactform on this website and one of us will react as soon as is feasible.

Keith K. Buchanan
937 White Pine Lane
Winchester, VA

Graduated With Honors from Syracuse University
10 years of crafting experience (in particular for Online visitors)
Great fluency in Latin
Devoted, team-oriented individual with a knack for details

Business Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Team Manager
Accountable for coordinating a global team of copy writers to meet a demanding set of assembly goals.
- Set new records for production, growing productivity by 20% around the world
- Properly maintained consistent records of job distribution
- Handled QC for worldwide creation across a sizable team of internet writers

Extra Skillsets

Competent in Latin
Advanced skills using a wide selection of office software

Samples of Published Writing