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"Charlie's Angels" Scripts

Please note that all scripts are photocopies.  Each individal script is $8.00, which includes US postage.  (International orders will cost extra.)

Angel In Waiting - Final Draft (01/29/79)
Bkack Market Babies (formerly "Babies Are Our Business") - Second Draft (08/24/77)
Diamond In The Rough - Final Draft (11/15/77)
The Killing Kind
Las Vegas Twist
Little Angels Of The Night - Final Draft (10/19/77)
Magic Fire - Shooting Script (10/10/77)
Marathon Angels - Final Draft (10/23/78)
Night of the Strangler - Final Draft (07/26/76)
Rosemary, For Remembrance - Shooting Script (01/29/79)
The Seance - Rev. Final Draft (11/02/76)
The Temperature On Venus (later renamed UFO: Unidentified Flying Angels) - 2nd Rev. Final Draft (08/01/77)

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