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~*~Gene Hackman Sounds~*~ Gene Hackman Sounds
Gene Hackman

These sounds were made by me with my microphone, so they aren't the best, but they'll do. Some contain bad words, so be advised.


"N." (Otis thinks Lex said to push the ladder to "M" in the library) "M" as in Moron, Otis? No, no no! That's "N!" "N" as in Neanderthal! Nincompoop! Nitwit! And "L" as in LADDER! [Superman]

Do you know why the number 200 is so vitally descriptive to both you and me? It's your weight and my IQ. Now, think! THINK! [Superman]

My first official act, of course, is to say, YOU'RE FIRED! [Superman 4]

If you want a reference for work, FORGET IT! [Superman 4]

Cigars! [Young Frankenstein]

Wait! Where are you going? I was gonna make expresso. [Young Frankenstein]

Woo-hoo! We gonna have ourselves a time, boy! [Bonnie And Clyde]

I knew that ol' gal. She's cock-eyed and she had a hairlip and no teeth. [Bonnie And Clyde]

Take a good look, pop. I'm Buck Barrow. We're the Barrow boys! [Bonnie And Clyde]

You shouldn'ta done that, Blanche. It was a dumb thing to do! [Bonnie And Clyde]

They stopped chasin' us. They're turnin' around, there! [Bonnie And Clyde]

Well, we're the Barrow gang. Uh, that there's Clyde, drivin'. Uh, I'm Buck, that's my wife, Blanche, Bonnie Parker, C.W. [Bonnie And Clyde]

Now boy, when you gonna marry the girl? [Bonnie And Clyde]

(Buck sings) [Bonnie And Clyde]

Hey, um, get some dessert there, too. Some uh, peach ice cream or somethin', will you? [Bonnie And Clyde]

(Part of song) [Under Fire]

All winter long I gotta listen to him gripe about his bowling scores! Now, I'm gonna bust your @ss for those three bags, and I'm gonna nail you for pickin' your feet in Poughkeepsie. [The French Connection]

Whip it out! (Laughs) [The French Connection]

(Gene talks about doing a scene in the film and laughs.) [The French Connection Commentary]

(Gene talks about feeling uncomfortable doing the scene in the bar and then finding out that the people there were off-duty police officers, which made him feel a lot better.) [The French Connection Commentary]

With a baseball bat! One swing, he took your f^ckin' head off. [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

(Popeye laughs) [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

Hey, you gonna wait on me or I gotta sit here all day? [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

Hey! [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

(Popeye picks up a girl bicycle rider by giving her a hard time) [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

Get your @$$ in that car. [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

You own that wall? (No.) Why you leaning on it? [The French Connection Deleted Scenes]

You pull yourself together! You do whatever it takes!....Do you understand?! We WILL bring you home! [Behind Enemy Lines]

You still got your boots, haven't you, cowboy? [Behind Enemy Lines]

Pull yourself together, and work with us these last couple of days. Or I'll kill you. I'll kill you before you kill yourself. And I'll do a better job of it because you're so out of it, you'd probably even botch that up. [Postcards From The Edge]

Shoo! Git! [Postcards From The Edge]

These people can be anybody they wanna be! It scares the p!ss outta me! [The Package]

Harry? My wife's never gonna sleep with y'anyway. You might as well come up here and play cards. [Twilight]

Hello! [Heartbreakers]

I feel like vomiting! [Heartbreakers]

It came off great. That's, that's a little pun there. Yeah, it did. [Heartbreakers Interview]

Hahahahaha, it's been a lot of fun. [Heartbreakers Interview]

You're not assuming anything! [Crimson Tide]

At ease, sailor! [Crimson Tide]

As I said to you before, I'm not seeking the company of kiss-@$$es....then you bite your f^cking tongue. [Crimson Tide]

This is the captain! [Crimson Tide]

I'm gonna count to three. Then I'm gonna blow your f^cking head off.... [Crimson Tide]

I've made a decision. I'm captain of this boat, now shut the f^ck up! [Crimson Tide]

Son, don't talk to me about duty! Open the f^cking safe! [Crimson Tide]

We don't have time to f^ck around! [Crimson Tide]

You were right and I was wrong. About the horses. The Lippizaners. They are from Spain, not Portugal. Hahaha. [Crimson Tide]

You don't just fight battles when everything is hunky dorey. [Crimson Tide]

I don't have to think this over! [Crimson Tide]

Ha! I'm very impressed. [Crimson Tide]

In short of the outbreak of World War III, the ship sinking, or being attacked by a giant octopus, I'd like to be undisturbed for the next thirty minutes. [Crimson Tide]

I'm the commander of this f^cking ship! Gimme the G*dd@mn key! [Crimson Tide]

The last breath of polluted air for the next sixty-five days. Gonna miss it! I don't trust air I can't see. [Crimson Tide

You're relieved of your position! [Crimson Tide]

It's all I got to rely on, being a simple-minded son-of-a-b!tch. [Crimson Tide]

Repeat my commends. [Crimson Tide]

He seems to have a serious weed up his @$$ and a legitimate gripe. [Crimson Tide]

That strange sensation you'll be feeling in the seat of your pants, will be my boot in your @$$! [Crimson Tide]

What'd you think, son? I was just some crazy old coot putting everyone in harms way as I yell, Yeeha! [Crimson Tide]

Yeeha! [Crimson Tide]

You repeat this order, or I'll find somebody who will! [Crimson Tide]

You know, if everyone is as nice as you, country hospitality's gonna get an awful name. [Hoosiers]

I'm here now. Hahahaha! [Hoosiers]

(The coach gets himself kicked out of the game) [Hoosiers]

I imagined kissing you ever since I first saw you. I was just tired of imagining. [Hoosiers]

I love you guys. [Hoosiers]

You're kind've a jerk, aren't you? [Enemy Of The State]

You live another day, I'll be very impressed. [Enemy Of The State]

You're either incredibly smart, or incredibly stupid. [Enemy Of The State]

Of course. When it works. [A Bridge Too Far]

(Gene singing We Are Family) [The Birdcage]

I could really use some candy! [The Birdcage]

It's just dazzling. [The Birdcage]

No one will dance with me. I think it's this dress. I told him white would make me look fat. [The Birdcage]

Just fantastic. Red leaves. Purple mountains. Green fields. [The Birdcage]

My wife and I used to go down to Virginia, every Autumn, to see the foliage turn. Virginia has amazing foliage. Although, I do think that the foliage in Ohio is underrated. [The Birdcage]

I don't understand. [The Birdcage]

I don't understand. (whisper version) [The Birdcage]

We're leaving now. [The Birdcage]

No. No! [The Birdcage]

Oh, no. [The Birdcage]

Don't leave me! Don't leave me here! I don't wann abe the only girl not dancing! [The Birdcage]

Well, they will have something on me. At some point, I'll have to leave. People will notice if I'm never seen again. [The Birdcage]

It was a long trip, though. Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee. Georgia. [The Birdcage]

Uh, I just wanna say, uh, Mr. and Mrs., uh, Mr., uh, whatever your name is, um, I hope this doesn't influence your vote. [The Birdcage]

It was just so magical to me to come from the North, where its cold, to the South, where it's warm. [The Birdcage]

What?! [The Birdcage]

I joined the Marine Corps. a couple years after the Battle of Iwo Jima. I was sixteen. Not much younger than most of the Marines who would land on the island. Young men and boys who had no idea what they were getting into. This wasn't Hollywood. It was war. [Heroes Of Iwo Jima]

You got a problem with that, scuttle your butt outta town. [The Quick And The Dead]

You got so much to spare, I'm just gonna have to take some more off you! Because you clearly haven't got the message! This is my town! [The Quick And The Dead]

You live to see the dawn, it's because I allow it! I'm in charge of everything! I decide who lives or who dies! [The Quick And The Dead]

Don't taunt me, Eddie! [Split Decisions]

Hey! You're a guest in this house! Now shut the f^ck up! [Split Decisions]

What, are you some kinda f^ckin' detective now? Huh? [Split Decisions]

Where you get off talkin' like this, hm? [Split Decisions]

I don't wanna hear anymore about this, alright? You live in my house, you do it my way, or you get out. [Split Decisions]

(Gene sings "Stay A Little Longer" with Candace Bergen) [The Domino Principle]

....I can't give up. I never learned how. [The Domino Principle]

Kill me? Lex Luthor? Exstinguish the greatest criminal flame of our age? Eradicate the only man on Earth with-- (Kill him!) --Superman's address? [Superman II]

Superman! Thank God. I mean, get 'im! [Superman II]

It makes people like you....into people like me. [Superman II]

Wait, just a moment! Wait! Really get to know me better, will you, please? Wait! Look! I can give you....anything you want! [Superman II]

Hello, there! Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor! Possibly, you've heard the name? The greatest criminal mind on Earth? [Superman II]

Wait! First you must find him. And Lex-baby is the only one who knows where he is. [Superman II]

Plus! Lex Luthor's keen mind! Lex Luthor's savvy! Lex Luthor's career guidance! Lex Luthor's School Of Better--argh! [Superman II]

Me? Lex Luthor? General, you came to me with nothing! I gave you Superman! [Superman II]

Oh, Magnificent One. He is....just one! Where you are three. (Argh!) Or, four, if you count him, twice. [Superman II]

Me? Are you kidding? Hey, I was with you all the time! That was beautiful! Did you see the way they fell into our trap? Hahahaha! (Too late, Luthor!) [Superman II]

Revenge! Haha, now, we're cooking, huh? [Superman II]

Look! Look, Superman. I got, I got a proposition for you! Now, don't stop me! Now, don't stop me 'til you've heard this because, well, I know I owe you one, but, we're in the North Pole, right? Let's wipe the slate clean. If you give me a ride back, I promise to turn over a whole new leaf! [Superman II]

As I explained to you before....I'm about the best there is. [Superman II]

(Royal and Henry get into a "jive" debate) [The Royal Tenenbaums]

Right ON! [The Royal Tenenbaums]

YES! I AM! [The Royal Tenenbaums]

A Bar!

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