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14 April: Fanfic (Cabin Fever) added. Submitted by AndrBernar.

09 April: More French Connection 2 photos added.

26 March: Fanfic (Back In The Saddle, Sam) added. Submitted by AndrBernar.

20 March: Fanfic (CIA Sam) added. Submitted by AndrBernar.

18 March: Fanfic (Play It Once Again, Sam) added. Another great one submitted by AndrBernar.

14 March: Fanfic (Play It Again, Sam) revised, one more time.

13 March: Fanfic (Play It Again, Sam) revised, once more.

08 March: Fanfic (Play It Again, Sam) revised & it's even better, now!

06 March: Excellent Fanfic (Play It Again, Sam) added. It was submitted by AndrBernar. Thanks!

03 February: The Poseidon Adventure photos added.

26 January: 2003 Golden Globes photos added. Thanks to those who have been signing the guestbook and taking the survey!

17 December: Geronimo: An American Legend, Wyatt Earp, Narrow Margin, The Firm & Get Shorty photos added.

23 October: Several photo links fixed. Please let me know when a page doesn't work so I can fix it.

15 September: The Royal Tenenbaums Interview and footage photos added. The Royal Tenenbaums photos and sounds added.

19 August: Class Action photos added. Yes, I do read ALL of my guestbook entries.

08 August: The Mexican photos added. Sorry I haven't been doing many updates. Haven't had the time. I do have a lot of movies to catch up on, eventually.

18 July: Night Moves photos added. Bravo Profiles photos added. A big Thank You to jabberwocky for letting me know that the Links link and Night Moves page 2 link wasn't working! In answer to the guest book question, I have Class Action but haven't had a chance to watch it, yet. I still haven't found Target, though.

16 July: Wallpaper added. Nobody told me the Updates link wasn't working on the main page, but I found out myself and fixed it. I have many movies to watch and make photos and sounds from, but I don't think there's a big enough interest in this site, according to the lack of guest book entries and all, so I won't be doing any updates for a while.

22 June: The Domino Principle photos and sounds added. Larger photo added. Superman II photos, sounds and quotes added. Superman II Big photos added.

05 June: I made some photos from a downloaded trailer of The Royal Tenenbaums and added them to the site.

03 June: Split Decisions photos and larger photo added. Split Decisions sounds added.

01 June: Seems as though NO ONE has come to this page yet. Anyway, I added a Gene Hackman Survey button to the Main, Links and Goodies pages.

29 May: The Quick And The Dead and The Quick And The Dead Big photos added. Animation from The Quick And The Dead added to the Goodies page.

28 May: The Quick And The Dead sounds added. Many TQATD photos coming soon (tomorrow). They have some faint pink lines on them from copyright protection, but they're clear and viewable. Think of it as watermarking.

27 May: Heroes Of Iwo Jima photos and sound added. Larger photo added.

25 May: The Birdcage photos and sounds added. The Birdcage Big photos added. The French Connection DVD Deleted photos and sounds added.

24 May: Filmography and Dreams pages updated. A Bridge Too Far photos and sound added.

23 May: Enemy Of The State photos and sounds added.

22 May: FanFic added.

20 May: Hoosiers photos and Hoosiers Big photos added. Hoosiers sounds and quotes added. Various and Larger photos added.

19 May: No Way Out photos and No Way Out Big photos added. Crimson Tide quotes and sounds added.

17 May: Extreme Measures photos and Larger photo added.

16 May: All Night Long photos added. All the Photos Home links fixed on each photo page. Loose Cannons Press Kit photos added. Wallpaper added to the Goodies page.

15 May: Heartbreakers and Heartbreakers Extras photos and sounds added. Sometime Angelfire screws up and puts red X's where the photos should be. If that happens, just right-click and select "show photo" and it should work.

14 May: The Package photos and sound added. Twilight photos and sound added. Larger photos added.

13 May: Behind Enemy Lines photos and sounds added. Postcards From The Edge photos and sounds added. Larger photos added. I don't mention updates to the Reviews or Trades pages, so whenever I mention a new set of photos or sounds, that means those pages were updated as well.

09 May: Gene-style Yahoo! Messenger skin added to the Goodies page. Also added a bunch of eCards made from Gene photos. You can get to them and send or recieve them via the Goodies page. Lots of The French Connection DVD photos and and big ones added. Several sounds from the movie and commentary added. Forgot to add the new photo links, so I just did that.

06 May: The French Connection DVD Stills photos added. Young Frankenstein photos added. Bonnie And Clyde, Young Frankenstein, Under Fire and Crimson Tide sounds added.

05 May: Aside from the entire site that's been put together, I've added Absolute Power photos. Just a note, please do not take any material from this site and put it on the web. I made 99% of everything on this site, myself, and I don't like my hard work spread around to other sites. Nobody would come here if it was all elsewhere. But, feel free to save anything you want for your own personal use. Much more on the way. Please sign the Guestbook so I know people are getting use from the site, and have a good time!

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